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JLee Baer 09-09-2013 01:58 PM

Needing all river people to help a sick fellow riverperson
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NEEDING ALL RIVER PEOPLE TO HELP A SICK FELLOW RIVER. At Shamrock Boat Store there is a dog named Lucy. The attached pictures are of Lucy. She a is a stray that just showed up one day a couple months ago. She is only a couple years old. She came suffering malnutrition, abuse and neglect. She has now become sort of mascot. The guys that work at Shamrock feed her, have taken her the vet and she is now a really friendly, playful and full of life. She has definitely turn into a river dog. She meets everyone that makes crew change there. When is not hanging out in the nice air conditioning at their office she is following the guys down to the river and jumps in for a swim. However, not all is well with Lucy. On a recent to to the vet she was diagnosed with heartworms. With her young age and the progression of the disease she has a chance. The treatments she needs is expensive. So, I am asking if all my fellow towboaters and river people if you will join in with me to help with Lucy's treatment. It would be shame if something happen to this beautiful girl. I am working on getting something set up as we speak. So let's find a way to help her. Its the river thing to do.

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