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CJ Meyers 08-24-2013 01:29 PM

Queen Of The Mississippi No Show!
Once again the Queen of the Mississippi is having issues on the upper Mississippi River. She was scheduled to arrive in St. Paul, MN today but never made it north of Red Wing, MN. When I contacted the American Cruise Lines customer service they informed me that the Queen of the Mississippi could not continue north into St. Paul due to "low water levels". I had to laugh because in all my years of being around the Mississippi River I have never seen the river level as high as it is right now for late August here in St. Paul, MN. This entire situation is eerily similar to how the American Queen handled things prior to her last shut down. In the American Queens last year before being shut down they routinely ended her cruises prematurely in Red Wing, MN as a cost saving measure.

I can only wonder if the Queen of the Mississippi’s days are numbered for her Mississippi River cruises?

I guess only time will tell…………………

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