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inactive user 01 08-02-2013 09:16 AM

Inland Waterways Festival...this weekend
Good Morning All,

Hope to see some familiar faces this weekend in Marietta, Ohio for the second installment of the Inland Waterways Festival. There will be model boats operating in the pond under the museum by myself and fellow .orger John Fryant. Our resident steam launch commodore, Captain Walnut, will be there with one of his three launches giving rides. ORSANCO will have their 2200 gallon portable aquarium there. Riverworks Discovery will be there with activities for the kids as well as Corey the Corps of Engineers safety boat. The Rivers Insitute will be present with an evening performance as well as other interpreters/musical performers. The sternwheeler LAURA J will be there with the steam barge ANNA MARIE for whistle blowing and calliope concerts. Should be a grand time and all to help educate and promote our Inland Waterways and their history.


Jim Reising 08-05-2013 10:38 AM

How did the festival turn out? I wish I could have stayed for it, but had to get my wife out of the hospital there in Marietta Saturday morning. She got sick while we were on the AQ and had to get off and go to the hospital when we arrived in Marietta on Tuesday. She is now recovering nicely at home. I did stop by the festival to thank Jeff Spier for all his help while we were in Marietta and it looked like the festival was off to a good but rainy start.

inactive user 01 08-05-2013 02:30 PM

Hey Jim, first sorry to hear about your Wife and getting sick on the AQ. That's no way to abruptly end a steamboat trip. Hope she is doing much better.

To answer your question about the festival it seems to get a little better with each event. We had about 20 model boats on display and running under the pond. Captain Walnut and wife Carol gave many steam launch rides on Miss Blue during the two days. I delighted at hearing the whistle on Miss Blue each time he left and returned. Amherst Madison had the LAURA J and whistle barge ANNA MARIE on hand Saturday but had to head back due to other commitments before things got started on Sunday. AEP had the MIKE WEISAND on display and open for tours Saturday. Many other groups involved with presentations include COE, West Virginia Raptors, ORSANCO, as well as many presenters and entertainers. Many S and D faithful where present as well. This weekend just reiterated to me how much Louisville/Jeffersonville need to have an event like this in conjunction with the Belle's Birthday Bash. I heard so many comments from people about "I never knew that" about something water commerce related. It was a great weekend and I believe they hope to host the event again in 2015. I need you folks in the Fall Cities to help me push the powers that be about hosting something similar in 2014 for the Belle's party.


Keith Norrington 08-05-2013 07:27 PM

A.J., we appreciate your interest and enthusiasm, but several professional river people have told me that one of the BIG issues and concerns about the upcoming BELLE celebration is SPACE. With so many boats (9) vying for maneuvering room in the harbor and at makeshift landings, it's not going to be easy. And, now that construction of the new downtown bridge has begun (after 40+ years of studies and talks) there is going to be the problem of coffer dams, barges, and other construction vessels to contend with as the various excursion boats come and go on their daily cruises through the three existing bridges. This doesn't leave much, if any, space for other riverboats and flats. Docking space over here on the Jeffersonville side is especially at a premium.

I have already "locked horns" with a power-that-be who told me that this is not really a "river history" event and that such programs (one of them a presentation by Capt. Doc Hawley) at the museum would not be of much interest. I have formed a committee to plan the events at the HSM that week. We are, first and foremost, a STEAMBOAT museum and will plan our programs accordingly to embrace the focus of the festival; the Belle's centennial celebration!

Tom Schiffer 08-05-2013 09:54 PM

Jim: Sorry to hear about the problems. Hope all is well by now! I think the festival was good...I was there but stayed in the boat giving rides. My scheduled time to rest din't happen! And, yeah, there were a couple of hard but fairly brief showers that din't slow us down. We have a nice lid on MISS BLUE and some of our best steaming time has been in the rain. We don't like wind and lightning but I'd rather have a bit of rain (showers, not all day) than a sweltering hot day! We logged 32 miles and did about thirty cruises. We had folks from Sweden, Germany, Florida and all over Ohio, Ky W.Va. that I know of. Sunday weather and today's weather (we gave the staff a ride down to the Ohio and back to the MUDDY ramp at Aquatic Park for pull-out. Saw John Fryant and Aaron, but few others. Back home now and had to pressure wash MISS BLUE. She ran well if a bit slow due to the use of charcoal. She uses about 5 pounds to the mile! Total fuel cost for the four days (Fri, Sat Sun & Mon) was $30. I would love to see this festival but you cannot do both! Cap'n Walnut.

Tom Schiffer 08-05-2013 09:59 PM

Keith: I was contacted about a year ago to take part in this celebration for the Belle but have heard nothing since. The request was for my steam launch/s. I have heard nothing since and wonder if this is a dead issue in light of what you just posted about room in the area for boats. I dare say that few of the nine boats you mention feature steam. Cap'n Walnut.

Tom Schiffer 08-06-2013 12:40 PM

While at the festival, my brother, John, along with working hard in support of the boat rides, found and purchased for me a Mate's Certificate for "Edward Song" in the Cincinnati District. It was/is dated "Fifteenth Day of March 1848". I searched both Way's and found no info. It was his third issue so he may have been relatively young. Anybody here know of a Song family or Edward Song? Don't know how many miles of river the Cincinnati District covered in 1848, but I suppose it encompassed many little towns. Cap'n Walnut

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