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Mystry of the Skylights

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Old 06-26-2013, 07:05 AM
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*Your great DK photos*
Hi, Darin & Steamboating colleagues:
Many thanks for your thread of fascinating DK photos, post cards, ephemera. One of the most comprehensive I've seen in years. Read the earlier discussion threads on this site and you'll learn of the DK/DQ skylights and "theory behind their origin." Both DELTA boats were 'the last hurrah' in big steamboat building in those years. Times changing fast with old Jim Burns both warning, cautioning the company to not build the twin vessels. 'California Transportation Co.' then riding high, flush with cash--for a time at least. Capt. Anderson, high honcho of C.T. Co., countered Jim with strong words and moved on pulling out all stops. In retrospect the boats really had only some 12 years of commercial service. Surviving letters, business accounts I have of the bitter end not pretty to read. 'Seasonal' operation was considered for a time following the drastic drop in freight scooped up by trucks and decline of passengers in the off season. The two boats just too big with high operating expenses to lay up part of the year out there with crew often drifting away to other full time jobs. Increasing labor costs, wage expectations another factor in the formula.

The DK restoration/rehab program incredible in scope, expense, materials expended. Sure, the interior cabin spaces etc. vastly altered for the present hotel operation. 'Purist' grouse about that similar to what has had to be done to certain interiors on the present QUEEN MARY Hotel in Long Beach. Question is: What are you going to do to bring all up to date with increased revenue yield? Restoration and preservation in marine vessels often a Catch-22 proposition. Good photos, thanks again. Well, what do I know?

R. Dale Flick
Summer: Northern shores of Lake Michigan
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