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Inland rivers commerce display

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Old 05-31-2013, 04:00 PM
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*RE: Inland Rivers Display*
Hi, Aaron & Steamboating colleagues:
Just clicked and read your above RE: proposed events in conjunction with the BELLE OF LOUISVILLE's 100th Birthday celebration in 2014. Sounds fascinating and the theme of an "inland river industry display" both excellent and sorely needed. This worked well here some years back with then 'Tall Stacks' with the late Capt. Nelson Jones doing legion work with his fleet and boats. As stated in earlier postings here, the river industry aspect drew wide attention with many venturing across from Cincinnati to Covington, KY to view the boats. The W.P. SNYDER was towed down, open for visitors with rave reviews. So many "rave reviews" that a number of the then 'Tall Stacks' people cast green eyed envy. How any appearance of the SNYDER again would be a good question--and I don't know the answers. The boat's hull has been replace with other work done and even more work pending the budget.

At the recent Steamship Historical Society 'ShiPosium' aboard the retired liner QUEEN MARY, Long Beach, California from May 1 to 6th I attended was fascinating. Previously I had 'floated' a proposition to SSHSA to, perhaps, consider Louisville, KY and the BELLE's anniversary along with visits to the stellar Howard Steamboat Museum and other venues in the area. SSHSA composed of many deep sea, East Coast mariners as you may know. Of the attendees I think Capt. Ted Davisson and I were the only 'muddy water' members of the ShiPosium. A few from San Francisco and the Sacramento River attended with the local SSHSA chapter in Los Angeles. At the open business meeting my proposal was voiced. A discussion followed with a decided no vote on Louisville. I gave it the old college try as it was. "Sorry Dale, we know you are an Inland River guy." Other voices mentioned planning any SSHSA in Louisville in May with all the big Derby activities. Another year, perhaps. I'll keep plugging.

The next SSHSA ShiPosium III already planned for Newport, Rhode Island week of May 15-18, 2014 and I will attend. Incidentally, representatives of the DELTA KING Hotel in Sacramento gave a fine presentation aboard the QUEEN MARY among others. The first PowerPoint photo they flashed read, "Steamboats aren't for sissies." The next read, "Don't fall too much in love with your favorite sailing vessel, retired navy ship, steamboat or ocean liner with the prevailing economics, restoration and preservation issues." I bit my tongue on that one.

The classic QUEEN MARY is as magnificent as ever with continuing preservation. The ship's cabins were fully booked with other weddings, proms in her huge private salons. One night late the ship's fire alarms went off at 12:35 AM. People bailed out and down the ship's ganways to the pier. Several of us looked up wondering if we'd see smoke coming from ventilators or ports. A fancy wedding reception got out of hand with young men shooting fire extinguishers in the smoke detectors. In time the said young men in Tuxedos were hauled out and into a waiting police car. There were some 1,000 of us on the pier. We all trundled back aboard, settled about 1:15 AM. Well, what do I know?

R. Dale Flick
Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.
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