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*Q. of M getting additional passenger cabins*

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Default *Those business links*

Hi, Judy & steamboat colleagues:
Judy, like you and others on this web, we 'served our time' cracking rock with public education. Me for over 35 years plus teaching in the military. My 2nd M.A. degree here was in public relations, marketing, advertising, commercial press writing. I moved on to school administration and finance work. Betty Blake, before her death, and I joned PRSA [Public Relations Society of America]. Early on Betty offered me a job with DQSB CO. 'ashore' here which I prudently turned down following counsel with several of our older river veterans now long gone. CARNIVAL CRUISES also internewed me in their early years, but I got cold feet knowing I'd have to pull up here and move to hot Miami, Florida. CARNIVAL was a new player with but two older ships and I just wasn't sure. They may have not liked me or me them in time. Well, agan a day late and a dollar short. Shipping/cruise industry can be one slippery rock at times. Like many educators, we worked other jobs along with teaching.

At age 22 I began making small, conservative investiments on the market in the fast food industry and real estate. Again, you win and loose on the market but it paid off. 'Never invest more than you can afford to lose.' A number of these business B=Mails are 'to the trade' by subscription or organizational memberships. Layne Ann, my wife, was a travel executive for years before the events of 9/11; then recruitment by Homeland Security as a systems analysis and a French/German speaker; then on to the Federal Air Administration at present. Well, what do I know?

R. Dale Flick
Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.
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