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Keith Norrington 02-22-2012 11:28 AM

New River Book on the BONNIE BELLE
A surprise and delightful visitor to the museum this morning was Mrs. Bonnie Poore, former owner, along with her late husband, Capt. Lloyd Poore, of the excursion boat BONNIE BELLE. The sternwheeler, formerly the BORDER STAR, operated here at Jeffersonville for some years before moving upriver to Madison and beyond. Miss Bonnie brought us her just-off-the-press book, entitled [I][B]Welcome Aboard... Meet the Captain[/B][/I]. The 247 page softcover book is a wonderful history of the boat and there are lots of great photos too!

It was great to renew our friendship from those LONG AGO days when I was on the BELLE of LOUISVILLE in the 1970's and the BONNIE BELLE came to the Jeffersonville waterfront.

For further information click on [url=][/url]

The HSM gift shop will be stocking this terrific new river book. Yvonne and I have also invited Miss Bonnie to have a book signing table at our annual spring Chautauqua, this year on May 19-20.

inactive user 02 02-24-2012 11:00 AM

Yesterday I went over to the Howard Museum and purchased one of their few copies of this book. What a wonderful book and what great memories it brought back for me. The BONNIE BELLE was a great little excursion boat and a compliment to the operation of the BELLE OF LOUISVILLE here in the Louisville area. Those were great times! After reading the book, I became a little sad, as there was so much that happened in the background I didn't know about. Capt. Lloyd Poore did some wonderful things with that great little boat...and got no credit for a lot of it. For all the business he brought to Jeffersonville, IN. the City fathers sure treated him bad! Ah, how we only understand things when they are gone or lost! Great book, Bonnie! I recommend this book to ANYONE contemplating operating an excursion boat. It sheds light on what it is really like and what a family goes through to make it happen.

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