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Keith Norrington 10-25-2011 05:24 PM

Late Fall Cruises at Looeyville!
My good friend Kadie Engstrom, education coordinator and jack of all trades at the BELLE of LOUISVILLE, has asked me to convey that, due to popular demand, a LOCK CRUISE will be offered aboard the SPIRIT of JEFFERSON on Sunday, November 27th. Boarding begins at 12:30, with cruising from 1:00-4:00 PM, although due to lock traffic, it cannot be guaranteed that the boat will return to the Louisville wharf on time. The cruise includes a lunch buffet ($40) and limited outside seating is available for those who wish only the sightseeing cruise at $25. The Str. BELLE of LOUISVILLE will be cooled down and "asleep" for the winter by the time of this excursion. Contact the boat at [url=]Steamboat Belle of Louisville - Excursions, Dance Cruises, Dinner Cruises, Charters, Weddings on the Ohio River[/url] for information and reservations.

Also, on Saturday, November 12th, the sternwheeler BELLE of CINCINNATI will offer a public dinner cruise departing from the New Albany (Indiana) landing at 7:00 PM, returning at 9:00 PM. Call 800-261-8586 for reservations or visit the website at [url=http://www.BBRIVERBOATS.COM]BB RiverBoats :: Cincinnati's Premiere Riverboat Cruise Line[/url] for information.

Jim Herron 10-26-2011 12:00 AM

My wife and her sister are downbound on the Belle of Cincinnati now, headed to Nashville. The dinner cruise Keith mentioned must be on the return trip.

Keith- They went to the Howard on Saturday but arrived at 4:15 pm so they missed out. They spent too much time at the Kingfish for a late lunch. Oh well, maybe next time.
-Jim Herron

Keith Norrington 10-26-2011 08:22 AM

Missed at the Museum
Jim: Sorry I missed JoAnn and her sister. The museum closes at 4:00 and the last tour each day is at 3:00, to allow adequate time to tour the mansion. Unless we are having special events, I am generally not there on weekends. If "river family" is in the area, needs to arrive after the usual closing time and can give us plenty of advance notice, Yvonne and/or I will be happy to stay late to facilitate a visit!

Yesterday, the 250 pound brass chandelier from the Library (removed for restoration in March) was returned and rehung. WOW! It looks fabulous! The Music Room chandelier was removed and will be restored next.

Today, Kenny Howe, Jimmy Reising and I begin sorting and pitching in the Laundry House, which is next on the agenda for rehabilitation under the Capital Campaign Project. Goodness knows what "treasures" we will uncover!

On Monday (Halloween) we'll have a "hanging" for the 50+ photo enlargements, made from the James Howard glass plate negatives, for the annual "Fall into Art" show, which opens Sunday, November 6th with a reception. The title of the show is SEEN FROM LIFE: PEOPLE, WORK and STEAMBOATS 1885-1932.

The Steamboat Bicentennial Photo Exhibition, from the collections of the University of Louisville Photo Archives, is still UP in the carriage house and will remain so through Sunday. Again, many thanks to Jimmy Reising for making this fascinating display possible!

Something always going on at "the BIG house"!

Ted Guillaum 10-26-2011 10:33 AM

Belle of Cincy arrival in Nashville
Jim, When is the Belle of Cincy scheduled to arrive in Nashville?

Bill Judd 10-26-2011 02:56 PM

TED: The Belle of Cincinnati will arrive in Nashville, late afternoon on Friday,10-28-11
I believe ther are several trips at Nashville, possibly charters. She will be in
Clarksville on Tuesday, 11-1-11 for a luncheon and a dinner cruise.

Keith Norrington 10-27-2011 09:00 AM

We made a good "dent" in the clearing out of the two room Laundry House at the museum. Found all sorts of things (treasure and trash!) packed away, including a drawing cabinet from the shipyard, ancient furniture, a folk art style model of the steam towboat ROBERT P. GILLIAM, ring buoys, a radar, the shipyard bell, a port hole and paddlewheel parts from the DQ --- and the list goes on and on! Some items went to the new CMF (Collections Management Facility) and others were relegated to the dumpster. Still lots to do, but we're making good progress!

With the aid of Kenny's small pick-up truck we moved a nice wooden yawl, from a long gone Ohio River Lock & Dam, to the CMF. The yawl had been residing behind the carriage house. Since a lot of the boat protruded over the back of the truck, I provided the "ballast" in the stern and had an interesting 'rowboat ride' around the museum grounds to the CMF!

It was a beautiful autumn day and after the lengthy session of sorting, pitching and toting we all had simply run out of steam. So we closed up shop and went to "the BIG house" for coffee just as the rain began. Our work day was enlivened by the glorious sounds of a steamboat whistle echoing up and down the river, as the BELLE was out on a charter cruise. A perfect touch!

Jim Herron 10-27-2011 06:06 PM

Correct on the Nashville arrival. The passengers will go to the Grand Ol' Opry, spend the night in Nashville and on Saturday enjoy a looooonnnng bus ride back to Newport. My wife called me last night at 8:00 pm as they were locking through Ky Dam. She said the food on the cruise has been extremely good plus the pilot house is open to passengers at any time. (I assume that is in small groups.)
-Jim Herron

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