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Franz Neumeier 09-05-2006 01:23 PM

Tall Stacks: T-Shirt Collection
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Dress up for Tall Stacks :-)

I've designed a collection of five t-shirts, featuring the "tall stacks" of the BELLE OF LOUISVILLE, NATCHEZ, DELTA QUEEN, MISSISSIPPI QUEEN and the JULIA BELLE SWAIN(yes, I know, she won't be at Tall Stacks, but she is a true steamboat and her stacks are beautiful!).

Have a look at the [URL=""] T-Shirt Shop [/URL]and get the t-shirt of your favorite boat (or all of them, on for each day of Tall Stacks).

The t-shirts are $16.90 each plus shipping (from $4.99) and will only be available from now until one week after Tall Stacks.


Nick-Taylor 09-05-2006 03:44 PM

[QUOTE=Franz Neumeier;1219]JULIA BELLE SWAIN(yes, I know, she won't be at Tall Stacks, but she is a true steamboat and her stacks are beautiful!)[/QUOTE]

Then why not do the American Queen? She in my opinion has the best stacks of all steamboats on the river. Anyway, great work... I will probably be buying a Mississippi Queen shirt. :)

Franz Neumeier 09-05-2006 04:30 PM

On popular demand, I've added the American Queen to the t-shirt collection.

Nick, I did like the original design of 1994 better, but you're right the smoke stacks are beautiful, and huge. But my personal preference still are the Julia Belle Swain's stacks ;-)


Nick-Taylor 09-05-2006 10:38 PM

Great work Franz! :)

You mean when she had the golden rings? I agree, I liked those better as well. Does anyone know why they took them off the stacks?

Franz Neumeier 09-06-2006 12:11 AM

As far as I know they recognized that the stacks simply were too tall so they had to take them down almost all the time to clear the bridges. Therefore they lowered them and I guess with lower stacks the additional decoration didn't fit anymore.

Kevin Dickmeyer 09-13-2006 03:58 PM


I agree that the Julia Belle's stacks are beatifully feathered. While I do like the huge stacks on the AQ, I have to say the "crowns" on her stacks look a little "cheap" (sorry Nick) with the circles that have been attatched to the fringe at the top.

Robert Lee Wilson 10-23-2006 09:50 AM

Well, calenders, t-shirts, what else can we sell on this message board. I think I have a couple of old MQ ash trays somewhere.

Judy Patsch 10-23-2006 11:50 AM

Franz and Carmen run this board for us at their own expense. Occasionally he will put something like the Tall Stacks tshirts for sale for us. These sales by no means recoup their money and time invested in this site for us. Franz also generously lets other steamboat-river groups use his site, such as the NON PROFIT HSPS which owns the BARBARA H and has the calendars for sale. If you can't stand this 'commercialism' on this board, go ahead and start your own, or at least cut the caustic comments. We all owe Franz and Carmen tremendous gratitude for providing this forum for us, not ungrateful potshots....

Pat Traynor 10-23-2006 01:20 PM

Robert Lee Wilson,
Ever since you quit lurking and started posting on this site, I have never once seen a postive statement made by you. No one is forced to read these posts, so why do you bother! Those of us who know Carmen and Franz appreciate their efforts in keeping the river family in touch. Do us a favor, and find another site on which you can post your caustic negative remarks - we're not interested in what you have to say.

Pat Traynor

Keith Baylor 10-23-2006 02:03 PM

I don't know anything about Mr Wilson, but it's for certain that we owe Franz and Carmen WAY more than they can ever make by selling a few t-shirts.....

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