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Shipyard Sam 09-03-2006 05:49 PM

Steamboat Legends
This pic is a doozy! There are truly many "steamboat legends" in that grouping.

First of all, is that Richard, second from the right, front row? (It's been a long time, and I'm guessing that it has been 1965 since I last saw Mr. Steward.) If so, then I worked with seven out of eleven of the legends; if not give me a six.

Front Row. L-R: Albert Kelly, Harry Hamilton, Howard Tate, Richard?, and Bob Zang.

Back Row. R-L: Ernie Wagner, ??, Doc Carr, ??, Jesse Hughes, and ??.

The two fellows framing Captain Jesse really look familiar, and I'll probably feel silly when I find out who they are. Dale, now that you are back, give us some enlightenment.

The photograph dates from about 1963 to 1968 is my take. Wasn't '68 the last year Captain Carr was on the DELTA QUEEN? In 1965, I left the QUEEN for four years in the Air Force, and when I returned in '70, much to my disappointment, Captain Carr was gone.

Bob Reynolds 09-03-2006 07:11 PM

Ooooh, that IS a good one! Maybe Capt. Blum and/or Dave Tschiggfrie will get on here and can help us out, too. I had a lot of trouble getting to this pic/page, but finally did it.

Does anyone know what the occasion was for all those pilots from different areas to get them together for a group photo? There's a lot of talent in that one picture!

David Tschiggfrie 09-04-2006 01:05 PM

DQ Legends
Sorry, but I can't do any better than coming up with the names that Shipyard already has identified. Yes, Capt. Doc Carr's last season on the DQ was 1968. I made a Cinci-Pbgh cruise in June that year, and I believe that was his last trip. Watchman Gabe did a short taped interview with Capt. Carr for me on that cruise. Wherever the boat is landed, her stage has not been swung around, so she could be at the wharfboat in Cinci, or landed at New Orleans. Don't know if H. Tate ever was aboard on the Ohio. Didn't he usually run up to Memphis or maybe St. Louis? But then, Albert Kelley only piloted on the Ohio, although he did ride to St. Paul in September 1968 with pilots Fehlig and Karnath, so that line of thinking might not hold water. Richard Stewart was no longer on the boat in '68, I believe. Capt. Jim Blum or Dale are probably the best chance at identifiying any others in the photo (at least until Doc gets on line.) My guess is that the person to Cap Wagner's left may not be a crew member because he's sporting a gift shop DQ cap, but again, that might not mean anything. I'll be watching the board for any further developments.

Bob Reynolds 09-04-2006 06:24 PM


Tate's license went up the Ohio to Louisville and up to St. Louis on the UMR, but he did not like the Ohio and only rarely went above Paducah on the DQ. I believe Harry Louden told me once that Albert Kelley used to ride the boat when she went to N.O. just to keep him working, even though his pilot license was only for the Ohio.

Shipyard Sam 09-04-2006 08:38 PM

Didn't Kelly extend his Pilot's license to Memphis? I'm almost sure he did. Captain Louden, whose ticket did not originally go past Cairo Point, rode the DELTA QUEEN down to your hometown, so often, that he got all his required trips; so he went ashead, drew the river and got his extension.

Jim Blum 09-04-2006 09:06 PM

Been thinking about the photo all day and don't have any solid answers. Could the person next to the Big E be Jim Swartwelder (sp), [striking the almost Bob McCann pose] and the young chap next to Bob Zang be someone off the Gateway Clipper Fleet? Could the gentleman to the left of Jesse Hughes be S. Durwood Hoag?

Problem with my theory is why the mixture of Lower and Ohio River folks.

H.M. Doc Carr did not complete the '68 season.

My feeble guess that the photo was taken in 65 to 66.

David Tschiggfrie 09-04-2006 10:00 PM


I'm pretty sure that the person to the Big Cap's left isn't Jimmy Swartzwelder, because the guy in the photo is too old. Jimmy was only about Doc's age, I believe, or maybe even a year or two younger. But you're right: that sure is a classic Robert H. McCann pose! With the info from Shipyard and Bob regarding Capt. Kelley and Capt. Tate's licenses, the fact that they were licensed on additional stretches of river just makes it harder to identify where the photo was taken (Ohio River or Lower Mississippi) and why they were all gathered for this shot. I've never seen a photo of S. Durward Hoag, so haven't a clue whether that is him or not. So the mystery continues . . . Need some old Greene Line crew and passengers to help out here.

Shipyard Sam 09-05-2006 03:54 PM

A telegram arrived at the shipyard office with confirmation, from the very highest of sources, that it is, indeed, [U]Richard Steward[/U] in front kneeling next to Captain Bob Zang. The two fellows flanking Captain Jesse have a look of familiarity, but remember that when the photo was taken, I was still an entry-level Greene Line employee, in the 60s, so I was afforded little smooze-time with the legendary characters from on-high. Years later, even after the ink was dry on my steamboat license, my affiliation with many of those same gentlemen was kept and maintained on a professional level-- especially with Captain Wagner. Several times, lately, though, I have shocked myself after realizing that I had just referred to him simply as "Wagner", like I heard Captain Harry Louden often do. This is not a lapse into disrespect for my steamboat mentor, but as I get older, I may be approaching the age that the Skipper seems more a peer than a professor.

Bob Reynolds 09-05-2006 07:22 PM


Kelley might have gotten an extension to Memphis. I do kn ow that Cappy Louden's license ran out at Cairo. During his DQ career he got an extension up the Tennessee to Star Lime Works Light, I believe (about mile 28) and upo the Mon a few miles so he could land the DQ at the wharf at Pittsburgh. I do remember he said once that he had "license on three rivers...that's enough."

Jim Reising 09-07-2006 04:18 PM

What a picture....think of the years of steamboat experience gathered there. My guess as to date would be 1964/65. Is the fellow standing between Jesse Hughes and Doc Carr Bo Allen?????????? He looks familiar but its been 40 years ago. Is the man next to Capt. Wagner Capt. Blankenship who ran mate for a while?????
Wish Doc Hawley had a computer or some .orger from NOLA could get this picture to Doc, he would know and have a story about each and every one of them.
If memory serves me correct, Albert Kelly had license from Huntington to Memphis. I know on the first Reelfoot Lake trip he stood watches on the Lower Miss. and on the first Pittsburgh trip he piloted as far as Huntington where Fred Way got on.

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