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" Grumblings About The Corps "

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Default " Grumblings About The Corps "

Greetings From New Orleans !
There are many of those among us that both read and post on this web site that also work out on America's river system . I cannot speak for the others that work on other rivers but I can speak with authority for those of us that do work out on the Lower Mississippi River and especially between New Orleans and Baton Rouge !
Slowly but surely , the main topic of discussion that many of us now share is now not only about the fast rising and record setting Spring time flood but now and more importantly ; has the U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers simply done enough and in a timely fashion ??
Now , I will be the first one to say , that I think and believe that for the most part , the Corps of Engineers has done a remarkable job with what they have to work with and with the task at hand of maintaining and controlling this Spring time record flood ! However , there is now a growing concern , among those of us that have to live and work in these challenging and dangerous conditions , that the Corps has reacted too late to do more to control this impending natural disaster !
Many of us and including myself , now believe that it has all been a matter of simple timing and poor judgement ! The Corps Of Engineers has the science , the money , the man power , the equipment , the authority and the technology to predict and to know what the end result of this Spring time flood will be and with having all this knowledge and ability why have they delayed in No. 1 - Blowing the levees sooner and more of them ? No. 2 - Opening all the Spillways sooner and at lower river levels , in order to start literally draining the river system before it becomes too over whelming , when they can predict what is literally coming down the road at us ? No. 3 - Calling for the early evacuation of the inhabited low lying areas ? No. 4 - Calling for both tow and ship traffic to be limited and restricted so that the Captains and Pilots of these same vessels are not put in a " Trick Bag " between the Coast Guard and the respective owner(s) of these same companies ! Furthermore , many of us believe that the Corps of Engineers has placed Special Interests over Safety !
Simply put , with all their ability and information and political clout , why have they not done more and sooner in this time of impending crisis ?? This is the talk that is now circulating out on America' river system !
Many of us that work out on the river and have voiced these same concerns , believe that much of the Corps delays have been politically motivated and they do not want to rub the " Powers That Be " the wrong way , so that they will continue to receive their funding and influence in the future !
Like it or not these are the " Grumblings " that are now being expressed by the highly skilled and professional mariners that work the river systems and as of yet , WE have NOT received any legitimate responses or answers to any of these concerns and questions ! Will it take a real disaster like the breaching of a levee and the total and uncontrolled flooding of a major community like New Orleans before these questions will be addressed ??
Just Food For Thought !
Smooth Sailing !
Ted Davisson
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