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Judy Patsch 11-09-2010 04:36 AM

Live on the New Orleans levee
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Hello from New Orleans, finally. Its been 5 months since I was last down here. It was a beautiful November afternoon when I arrived yesterday, just in time to catch the NATCHEZ' 2:30 trip. At 2:22 Capt. Don asked if I wanted to 'talk', so I narrated the trip. I was a bit apprehensive since I didn't know what changes had occurred in 5 months along the way, but the few that had were positive. Jackson Barracks has reopened, although the historic garrison along the river is still under reconstruction. The CREOLE QUEEN was down at Chalmette Battlefield, so the Battlefield is once again open for tours, and the CQ obviously has enough business to run some day trips. (The NATCHEZ has been running all 3 daily trips since last spring.) She had a charter last night, so I took the evening to get a bit organized, visit my former neighbor Ott in the BK courtyard(my apartment is still empty), and retrieve my bike and golf clubs from storage there. A couple pictures from my few hours here so far:
1 and 2 the sandbar previously discussed in a couple of threads. With low water here now, this emerges even bigger than ever at the foot of the Moonwalk, just downriver from the NATCHEZ. There was a woman and her dog running around on it before I could grab my camera. That's Capt. Don Houghton on the wing bridge. To show the relative water levels, normally those steps coming down from the Moonwalk touch the water or have several steps submerged.
3) My view from my balcony on Barracks at LeRichelieu. The two story house in the distance on the right with the U.S. flag on the balcony is Doc's place.

inactive user 02 11-09-2010 08:56 AM


Wow, the river is low there, huh? When I get there in December for my cruise I guess I will just walk aboard on the top deck of the cruise ship! No catwalks this time! He, he, he!

Isn't it great the boats are getting busy down there again? With the NATCHEZ running 3 cruises a day, they just might start to rebuild from what has been 4 really scary years back into the beauty that was New Orleans! It is such good news to hear someones economy is kinda getting back to normal!

You'd think they would be interested in renting that space to you so it is making some kind of money...instead of letting it sit there empty generating no income! Alas, people don't think like that anymore. You know, the old timey "anything is better than nothing" mindset.

Looking forward to more posts from down in the Big Easy. Can't wait to see how the MQ is doing. I will be there in about 5 weeks myself and had hoped to stop by there and pay my last respects to her.

Have a great time down there. With this weather, I know you will!


Judy Patsch 11-09-2010 10:42 AM

Live from the Harvey Canal levee - the MQ
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Here are the current shots of the MISSISSIPPI QUEEN, taken an hour ago, today Nov. 9, 2010. She's in the same place, 3800 Peters Road, as she was in June. Folks, these shots don't show how gray she is. I didn't even venture up close, no way. It might be dirt from the industrial area, but she looks far filthier than 5 months ago. However, please note she is still intact as she was in June - no official dismantling. There were 2 men walking the outside decks, no idea who they were. Look and weep.
I have several more pix, but the connection is slow here and its time for a steamboat ride, so I'll post more tonight. By the way, the river stage is 2.4. I've been here when it was only 1.something and that sandbar hadn't shown then yet.

inactive user 02 11-09-2010 11:04 AM


How sad...yet good to see her in one piece! I have heard from so many people with so many differing reports on her. One said she was moved, one said she was partially cut down, one said she was going to run again....its been an emotional roller coaster for river fans.

Thanks for posting the pictures!


ed frazier 11-09-2010 05:11 PM

Thank You
I wanted to say thanks for giving me proof she still is in one piece (sorta). I am only sorry that I didn't find this place when there last month. Please send more pics.

Chris Purdom 11-09-2010 05:52 PM

How depressing to see it in that shape. Wish I woulda known that the last time i had seen it was gonna be the last time i was gonna see it in working condition, woulda taken a lot more pictures.

Judy Patsch 11-10-2010 08:10 AM

More MQ pictures
Ed, the MQ is located far down the road, so if you didn't know the area, it would have been easy to stop before finding her. Travis, I don't have a license, but I do have a camera and the willingness to go see for myself rather than rely on a 'reliable' source. And for everyone, remember the CEO of Phoenix Metals said over a month ago that her company was signing the contract 4 days later to dismantle the MQ, and so far nothing has been done physically at least. So who knows what will happen... the soap opera continues.
(I tried posting the pics but got a failure notice. I'll contact Franz again.)

Judy Patsch 11-10-2010 08:24 AM

A photoless report on Tuesday
I was going to post some pictures of the sandbar and the NATCHEZ, but as I said in the MQ posting, I can't get pix posted yet. Later. Anyway, after narrating a trip on Monday, I took the evening to get settled in here at LeRichelieu, and I visited in the BK courtyard with my neighbor Ott who is storing my bike and golf clubs for me. The sound of the calliope was in the distance, as Debbie was asked to play as they boarded for the charter trip. Tuesday started off with breakfast out on my balcony, followed by the reconnaisance mission to the MQ on the Westbank. If anyone else comes here and wants to find her: take the bridge/expressway to the Manhattan Blvd. exit. Keep going straight on the exit road, which parallels the overhead expressway, until the end. Make a left onto Peters Road(there's a sign to the Boomtown Belle Casino too), and drive about 3 miles along the canal. You'll keep going straight onto a gravel road instead of following the curved paved road once you see the MQ. She is at 3800 Peters Road, a Northrup Grumman site. You can drive right in an entrance even with the paddlewheel. That of course, is if she is still there... An 11:30 NATCHEZ ride was followed by 9 holes of golf out at City Park North, a Creole combination dinner at a new place in the Brewery: Gumbo Pot, and then the evening dinner cruise. Kevin Clark, trumpet man extraordinare, has returned to the Dukes of Dixieland as their leader, and if you ride that trip, hold on to your hats! They are better than ever! The river dropped almost a foot yesterday, down to 1.6 and the sandbar is visible so close to the NATCHEZ that it looks like we could lower a stage and walk out onto the bar. I'll post pictures as soon as this server allows me...

Judy Patsch 11-10-2010 06:36 PM

Live from the Sandbar
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Here are some pictures I took this morning on the sandbar downriver from the NATCHEZ. I could have walked another 30 feet or so toward the boat, but it looked too squishy. I dare say this is the first time any pictures have been taken from this angle without the use of a boat...That's Karen from the Gift Shop watching from the Boiler Deck bow. Word got around the boat that I was out there. I had called Capt. Don and asked him to take a pix of me from the boat as proof I was there. Haven't found it yet on my computer...

Judy Patsch 11-10-2010 06:45 PM

and a few more walking on water shots
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Here are a couple more from my walk on the new New Orleans beach this morning. It was quite an experience...

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