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Judy Patsch 05-15-2010 09:24 PM

Live from the Louisville Levee, almost...
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Greetings from the sunny side of Louisville: Jeffersonville Indiana home of the Howard Steamboat Museum. Day One of the Chautauqua is complete, and with the perfect weather came large crowds, both on the grounds for the booths and in the mansion. Before I went over to the Howard, I took a walk along the beautiful Ohio this morning. Picture one is the Howard Mansion. Picture two shows one of our .orgers at her ticket selling post: JoAnn Schoen. Unfortunately she raised her water bottle just as I took the picture. In the third photo we have Grind with the Wind Ted Guillaum, direct and dry from Nashville.

Judy Patsch 05-15-2010 09:34 PM

More Chautauqua
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Even though there were a lot of people touring the house, no steamboaters were around this morning. Then they all appeared at once: John Fryant, Jim Reising, Kenny Howe, Travis Vasconcelos, Phillip Johnson, Fred Carmichael... after a great afternoon of steamboat talk, and of course Keith and I were monitoring the 2nd floor with an eagle eye too, we adjourned to the Kingfish Restaurant. In attendance there were: Phillip, JoAnn, Fred, Ted, Tom Courson from the BELLE, Keith, and Judy. Lagniappe was seeing steam emanating from the BELLE. Tom informed us she had a charter tonight from 7-9. So our after dinner 'dessert' was standing on the terrace and watching the BELLE chug by. Picture one shows Travis, Fred, and Kenny in a deep discussion on the 2nd floor of the mansion. Pics two and three are our 96 year young BELLE, with the new a/c units not horribly visible from the distance, as she heads upriver on her charter.

Judy Patsch 05-15-2010 09:37 PM

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And finally here are a couple of not so clear shots taken from the 2nd St. bridge as the BELLE returned at 9 PM.

Judy Patsch 05-16-2010 09:47 PM

Day 2 Chautauqua
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Unfortunately the weather forecast was correct and there was a steady light rain all day today to dampen the festivities at the Howard grounds. We still had visitors to the mansion steadily throughout the day, but nowhere near the 800 who passed through Saturday. Our featured guests were Capt. Charlie Lehman and his wife Sally. Keith and I enjoyed an hour long visit with them, which was filled with anecdotes as enjoyable as appear in his recently published book [I]A Riverman's Lexicon[/I]. If you haven't bought this gem yet, there's no time like the present to do so! I was surprised to learn that Capt. Charlie had been at the Dubuque extravaganza honoring Alan - had I known that , he certainly would have been invited to visit the MUMR museum along with Alan and David - next year Capt. Charlie! Travis returned at the end of the day to join us at Kingfish round two, and then we looked over a couple of MQ photo albums I brought for the occasion. For those of you who attended our gathering at Towne Suites last year after River Ramblings, and who plan to attend again this year: the suite I've got this time has quite a bit more room for seating. I don't think anyone will have to sit up on the kitchen counter this year. Remember the date: August 21, Capt. Carl Henry will share his life on the river in word and pictures in the Howard Museum's River Rambling series.
Picture one shows Keith, Sally and Capt. Charlie Lehman on the 2nd floor of the mansion.
Picture two shows the current state of the retrieval of the STAR's landing barge which sank a while back.

Keith Norrington 05-17-2010 08:46 AM

As always, it was great to see everybody and THANKS for your support of the museum. In the 18 year history of the festival, it was one of the best, despite the rain on Sunday. I especially wish to thank Judy for making the 400+ mile trek (each way) over here to volunteer her able assistance on the second deck both days. With over 800 people tromping through the mansion on Saturday, I wouldn't have survived without her! A BIG thanks, also, to affable "Organ Grinder Ted", a good friend to the museum (and to all of us!) for cranking out his lilting melodies to the delight of all.

Ruth Richter Heffern, Loretta Howard's granddaughter, was in attendance on Saturday and, looking over the grounds teeming with activity, said to me, "Wouldn't Grandmother be proud to see this?" Indeed she would!

See y'all on Saturday AUGUST 21st for program #6 in the RIVER RAMBLINGS series!

Richard Weisenberger 05-17-2010 09:05 AM

Love that little street organ! Was there more than one of these there?

Ted Guillaum 05-17-2010 10:33 AM

Street Organs
Thanks Keith for the kind words. We had a great time on Saturday with large, appreciative crowds and beautiful weather. I was sorry that the drizzling rain prevented me from going outside to play more tunes on Sunday.

Richard, I was the only organ grinder there but if you would like to hear more [url=]The Carousel Organ Association of America[/url] will have their first organ rally of the season at Lake Winnie Amusement Park in Chattanooga, TN Memorial Weekend. Some of us are even staying overnight on the DQ. Come on down to see and hear a bunch of organs from around the country. Admission to Lake Winnie is minimal. Not like Disney d;-)
If you register with COAA for the rally you will get in free, a free meal Saturday night, and unlimited rides! Quite the bargain. Check out our web site for registration information or give me a call.

Tom Schiffer 05-17-2010 07:40 PM

Judy, Keith, Ted & Richard...thanks for the report. We wanted to be there but I am reminded of what Irma Bombeck said about being three years behind in her ironing! Seems I got that way about mowing here at Flintlock Farm. I was committed to another venue on Saturday and the weather was lovely! Sunday morning was full of ominous to dire threats of rain here on Gunpowder Creek and I arose to a rare thing...dry grass (no dew!). Thinking that I'd get wet at the Howard and was dry at home and the grass really needed cutting I stayed and got about three acres or more cut before the moisture got is still here! Good thing I did so too, no end in sight. But our hearts were at the Howard! Glad to hear of the good day on Saturday. Cap'n Walnut.

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