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Judy Patsch 05-03-2010 10:56 AM

Alan Bates gets Achievement Award
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On Friday night Alan Bates received an Achievement Award from the National Rivers Museum and Hall of Fame in Dubuque Iowa. He is a deserving recipient of such an honor. While I have known Alan for years as a friend and eclectic scholar, his most obvious connection to my river existence is his creation of the Steamer NATCHEZ IX for Wilbur and Bill Dow. The river community should be grateful to all of them for their vision and abilities to conjure up the graceful, fleet, and durable vessel now in her 35th year. I'm sure David Tschiggfrie will post information and pictures from the gala event of last weekend, as soon as he returns home. He is currently enroute from Louisville to Dubuque, after safely delivering Alan and Rita home yesterday. He also drove over there last week to bring them to this occasion. Each round trip is 1050 miles... The Museum has no awards for 'grunt' work, nor do they even offer thank yous for such, but David is at the top of the Grunters by far. Thanks for being the solid unspoken foundation for the grand museum complex, David!
Here is a picture of Rita, David, and Alan taking a break in their travels to check out the Middle Upper Mississippi River Museum , aka my house, yesterday. Those are prints of the WJ QUINLAN on the living room wall...

Carmen 05-03-2010 01:29 PM

Congrats, Alan!!

And thanks to David for getting Alan and Rita around!


Keith Norrington 05-03-2010 01:54 PM

A long and two shorts to Alan - for being the very deserving recipient of the award -- and to our beloved Miss Rita too! So glad she could make the trip and be on deck for the festivities.

And yet another whistle salute to David Tschiggfrie for providing the transportation and other assistance. Dave truly deserves an award for the MANY times he has graciously provided the detailed information and other "behind the scenes" efforts to make programs flow smoothly. Thanks Dave! So sorry I was down in Natchez and St. Francisville last week on both vacation and pipe organ business when you were in Louisville --- but we'll have plenty of "steamboat fun" when you are here this summer for "River Ramblings" at the museum and riding the BELLE!

David Tschiggfrie 05-03-2010 09:28 PM

Part 1 of Ceremony for Capt. Alan Bates
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A very busy, hectic and tiring two days in Dubuque began when many guests were in attendance at last Friday night's Captain's Ball ceremony at the Grand River Convention Center. During that program and celebration, Capt. Alan Bates was honored by the National Rivers Hall of Fame for his many and varied contributions to preserving the story of our rivers and its boats and its people. We need not attempt a listing of Alan's accomplishments over many decades, as his work and his passion for the river and for boating are well-known by many on this message board and by countless others along the inland rivers of our country. It was very apparent that Alan was genuinely amazed and reluctant that such adulation and high praise came his way, and I suspect he would have preferred if none of the hoo-rah that took place focused such attention on what he considers to be simply a matter of who he is and what he chose to do with the opportunities that came his way.

For those who are hoping to see some photos of those two days, posted below are two groups of thumbnails. Unfortunately, the shots I snapped of the actual presentation of Alan's National Achievement Award by NRHOF president Corky Bickel did not turn out very well-focused. Jonathan, using a tripod, recorded the ceremony on digital videotape however, so we do have that photographic record. Thumbnail #1 shows Capt. Bill Bowell of St. Paul, Alan and Rita Bates, and Ike Hastings from the NRHOF Board prior to the start of the evening's program and dinner. Thumbnail #2 pictures Alan with Capt. Mat Stage of the CHAUTAUQUA BELLE. Mat spoke a few words in honor of Alan and presented him with a special plaque he had made from one of the boat's paddlewheel buckets which contained a brass casting of the steamboat and an inscription. In addition, Mat presented Alan with a large poster showing the steamer on Chautauqua Lake in New York State. Thumbnail #3 was snapped Saturday morning at the museum where Capt. Bill Bowell, Alan, and Capt. Charlie Lehman staffed a table for signing copies of their river books.

David Tschiggfrie 05-03-2010 09:52 PM

Part 2 of Ceremony for Capt. Alan Bates
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Thumbnail #1 shows Alan, Charlie Lehman, Corky Bickel and yours truly at the book-signing table on Saturday. Thumbnail #3 pictures my son Jonathan with Alan, after he had received his own personally autographed copies of Moonlight at 8:30 and Belle of Louisville. His dad's comment as he snapped this photo was, "Good, now I can finally get my own copies of those books back from Jonathan!" Thumbnail #2 shows Alan and Charlie Lehman with Museum director Jerry Enzler in the Capt. Bill Bowell River Library, discussing some planned exhibits for the new River Museum expansion scheduled to open at the end of June.

As impressive and festive as the Award ceremony and banquet were, I think the collection of personal greetings from some of Alan's river friends which he received later in the weekend, was perhaps one of the special moments for him. Without a doubt, the highlight of the four days for me was the priceless opportunity to just spend time visiting with Alan and Rita and listening to some great stories and reminiscences. Time did not permit the installation of a remote audio recording device in my car, but that should be standard equipment for such special occasions as these!

Mathew Stage 05-04-2010 08:27 AM

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A great evening, and I can't express enough how grateful I was to be allowed to speak. Here are a couple pictures which I can't take the credit for taking but show some of the moments of the evening.

Shipyard Sam 05-04-2010 10:07 AM

Atta Boy!
A hearty [I]Hooray[/I] for Captain Alan Bates! He deserves all the accolades that can be heaped upon him. And thanks to Dave Tschiggfrie, Matt, and others for their efforts in making Alan's Special Day special. Isn't it great to have such fine folks as they on the river?

It was grand to see pictures of Captain Bill Bowell, and my very favorite [I]Man of the Upper Mississippi[/I], Captain Ike Hastings. (How did Hollywood miss this guy?) What a line up of Stars!

The Rabbit Hash Shipyard will be closed in celebration until sometime in the future, or until the key to the padlock on the main gate is returned.

Lexie Palmore 05-04-2010 11:47 AM

Wish I could have been there. If anyone alive deserves this award, it would be Alan, and it is long overdue.

Alan Bates 05-04-2010 12:30 PM

I wish you could have been there too, Lexie. It would have been a lot more fun!

bernd lorenzen 05-04-2010 07:15 PM

Congratulations, Alan!

Best wishes from the northern part of Germany,

P.S.: I shall say "hello" from Torsten.

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