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Bob Reynolds 09-09-2009 08:15 AM

S&D Annual meeting is Sept. 18 and 19
This is an invitation for all those interested in steamboats and history to join us in Marietta, OH for the 70th annual meeting of Sons & Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen. Check the link below.

[url=]The Official Website of Sons and Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen[/url]

A special invite is extended to the Midwest Riverboat Buffs.

Come one, come all!

Judy Patsch 09-09-2009 11:39 AM

70th meeting
Best wishes to all who attend for a fun-filled 70th anniversary weekend.

Bob, I hope you and fellow board members will discuss the Reflector situation. I imagine since we haven't been posting about it, that most of us have given up ever getting it back on schedule, or figure complaining is getting us nowhere. But it does need to be pointed out that today, 9 days into the 9th month of the year 2009, we have received ONE issue of the Reflector for the calendar/membership year 2009. (The issue mailed in March was the Winter 2008, and the one received in June was the Spring 2009). In 2007 and 2008 calendar years we received 3, not 4 issues as stated in the membership benefits, and I strongly doubt we'll get 3 issues in these last 3 months of 2009. I know of several people who dropped their memberships for this year due to the Reflector situation, and I imagine there will be an even greater drop in 2010 if this issue isn't resolved - many of our memberships are libraries and organizations and the Reflector is the only benefit of their membership. In these tight money times, why would they continue to subscribe? Just to make a donation? I doubt it.
Many suggestions and offers of help have been made these past couple of years and naught has come of them. It is a difficult situation, and yes I know the amount of work needed to put an issue together, and I know the various and sundry reasons we have been given for the lateness/lack of issues.
If it is necessary that a paid editor be employed, then it is time - use J.Mack Gamble funds if necessary. That would be promoting river history by a non-profit organization.

Pete Sisak 09-09-2009 01:34 PM

Midwest Riverboat Buffs
A good number of MRB-er's don't belong to S&D as I've been told, so unless they see it here on the message board, or MRB's facebook page...they won't know about the S&D meeting until after the fact as the fall meeting of the MRB is the 3rd weekend of October in Keokuk....

Judy Patsch (I think it was her, maybe it was Pat Welsh??)did mention such @ our Spring Meeting back this past May when we all met in Muscatine, IA, however that only reached a small number of people.

The MRB newsletter, River Ripples is being assembled as we speak, and likely not to be received until the S&D meeting is over with, FYI!

Anyways, have a good time!

Dave Morecraft 09-14-2009 03:19 PM

ILL be there ,on the ANNA MARIE ,...:)

Shipyard Sam 09-22-2009 07:09 PM


[url=]Hootenanny On The River[/url]

Dave Morecraft 09-24-2009 02:11 PM

Thanks for that Link Sam, Good storey..

You know how sometimes things just fall in to place and come out wonderful,,?? Thats what I think about this video someone shot at the Sternwheel Festival in Marietta, O the weekend before the S & D meet..
If you watch it from the 3:00 minute on point ,, WOW .. Goose Pimples,,Chills,,Echo under the bridge,,..Its me doing my best Doc Hawley imitation on the Muskingum River down bound on the ANNA MARIE with the LAURA J pushing .. What a wonderful weekend,,!! And then getting to see everyone at the S & D Whistle Blow was absolutely Great . I even got Barb Hameister to play the DELTA QUEEN Waltz on the CaLLiope that Saturday..

[url=]YouTube - Calliope at 2009 Marietta Sternwheel Festival[/url]

Keith Norrington 09-24-2009 03:41 PM

Great video views of the Sternwheel Festival and S&D Whistle Blow, but here it is nearly a week after the annual S&D gathering and there's been nary a word reported about the meeting itself -- and this one was touted as a gala affair for the 70th anniversary. The silence is deafening! Who was there? Who wasn't there?! What was the outcome of the election? Details please!

And, on this second day of FALL, I'm wondering about the production status of the SUMMER issue of the S&D REFLECTOR, that has yet to reach our mailboxes.

R. Dale Flick 09-24-2009 06:39 PM

*RE: S&D 70th Aniversary, 2009.*
Steamboating colleagues:
Keith makes a good point asking for information RE: S&D's '70th Anniversary, 2009. I've tried now twice to post but something happens and nothing appears. No time to fool with this now but will attempt tomorrow. Tried to post under yours, Keith, along with a New Thread. No luck tonight.

*Rest assured the Summer REFLECTOR was delivered to 'Richardson Printing Co.' last week and is being worked on now with the next on the way. Watch those mail slots and boxes--or when the passing packet drops the mail bag off. Also S&D has a U.S, Postal Box No. 352 Marietta, Ohio 45750 for sales of past REFLECTORS, letters to President Jeffery Spear, issues, questions, volunteer opportunities. Why? For years letters arrived in Marietta addressed 'S&D Marietta, Ohio' or Capt. Fred Way, Marietta, Ohio.' Sure, E=Mails arrive to Officers/Board of Governors attention on S&D business.

So, apology for my report being lost. Will try tomorrow. What AM I doing wrong?

Well, what do I know?
R. Dale Flick
Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River.

Bill Judd 09-24-2009 07:07 PM

It was a spectacular weekend, weather was perfect. Attendance at all affairs was up over previous years. Friday night, Dr. Frank Pollack gave a excellent talk on his experience on steam and early diesel towboats, with super photos of these boats. Had over 110 in attendance that night. The picnic lunch, like in the old days, was very good and the whistle blow was out of sight. It seemed like half of Marietta came down to join S & D and enjoy the whistles and calliope concerts. Saturday night, Mark Twain showed up and delighted the large group.

Probably the best S & D weekend in the last ten years.

Capt. Bob Reynolds plans to post a "play by play" narrative on the S & D web site, so tune in.

Incidentily Keith, if you had been in attendance, you would not have to get all the news second hand.

R. Dale Flick 09-24-2009 07:58 PM

*RE: S&D 70th Anniversary, 2009.*
Steamboating colleagues:
Okay, fiddled with my computer and will post some S&D information. My Treasurer report filed: BEGINNING BALANCE = Sept. 12, 2008 = $20,506.35. ENDING BALANCE: = Sept. 18, 2009 = $24,417.00.

Nelson Jones landed the vintage 1931 J.S. LEWIS below the Lafayette Hotel for tours. What a clean, neat pristine boat. In the cook house a big skillet of gravy and fresh bread rolls on the ready. Nelson, company and crew provided steam for the big whistle blow/calliope concert at the Ohio River Museum. Bob Reynolds served as MC announcing each whistle; Bill Barr did the honors tugging the whistle cord. S&D has made Nelson and crew honorary members of S&D. A few of us remembered the LEWIS blowing black coal smoke and steam here at Coal Haven Landing years ago. Then her being 'arrested' by the local Smoke Abatement Officer.' The 1956 citation and records hang proudly in frames aboard.

Saturday's evening banquet was well attended with food, service back to Lafayette standards. Yes, the aging microphone system will be dealt with next year. President Jeff Spear was MC introducing Bob Anton for his terrific 'Mark Twain' program. Bob had us in his hand later saying S&D audience best with laughs at the right time. Past President/Editor, Woody Rutter, presented '70 Years of S&D, 1939-2008' with great black/white/color slides and incredible mental recall of faces and names--real tour de force. Gasps, laughs, moans from the audience, "Oh, is that me? Can't believe it? That long ago?...Oh, mercy me." The 1947 S&D meeting was hosted by DRAVO with full hospitality and food provided in their company cafeteria. Members toured the DELTA QUEEN, then undergoing renovation for the GREENE LINE. Work stopped for two weeks following the explosion, loss of the ISLAND QUEEN while GL /CONEY ISLAND CO. officials 'discussed' a sale of the DQ as an excursion boat. CONEY and Ed Schott by then had their fill of boat operations and canceled out. Work continued on the DQ.

On Friday evening Jane Greene thanked S&D for the many cards/letters in memory of her sister Mary Greene-Stewart. On Saturday Jane presented Jo Ann Schoen with that fine oval mirror from the GORDON C. GREENE in the hotel lobby as gawkers snapped photos.

Elections went smoothly with Vic Canfield stepping in to replace retiring John Fryant as V.P. All other Officers/Board of Governors consented to run again and were so voted. John has devoted years of service and attention. He'll still be around contributing his 'Small Stacks' column along with many projects he's pursuing at home. All committee reports Saturday morning went well. Tables held ephemera, photos, paintings etc. for viewing. A number of old veterans unable to attend, but many 'newbies' filled in admirably and a number pretty high powered people with the museum and W.P. SNYDER at heart. Bill Judd can tell more about the SNYDER and using walnut shells to clean lead based paint from inside her hull.

We "Rememberd our founders and the golden threads from their loom--though stretched by time--are not broken."

Well, what do I know?
R. Dale Flick
Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River.

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