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You Just Might Be A Huck Finn If.................

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Default You Just Might Be A Huck Finn If.................

Greetings From New Orleans ,
Its been more than a few years now that a famous comedian , Jeff Foxworthy coined the term and made famous the expression , " You Just May Be A Redneck , If...." . Well , after being more than just suteily reminded by a few friends , and one in particular that often posts on this web page , that I just may be a Huck Finn . Well , how would someone define what is being a
Huck Finn ? Well , after careful consideration and in my humble opinion ,
You just may be a Huck Finn if :
You run away from home , school & friends to work on a steamboat for minum wages and substandard living conditions !
You ride the boats anchor while its underway !
You ride the paddlewheel's pitman arm while the boat is underway !
You have an intimate encounter with a female crew member on the roof of the boat's pilot house while going through the New Orleans harbor !
You acidently miss the boat in Memhis with " friends " while the boat is underway !
You have sandbar parties in the middle of the night while hopfully the boat is not underway !
You order pizzas to be delivered to the pilot house crew while passing through the Baton Rouge harbor , while the boat is underway !
You have the entire group of maids appear in the pilot house , while the boat is underway !
You close down the Natchez , Under The Hill Bar and get a free pass out of the Natchez jail !
You make a visit to Nellies , while in Natchez !
You become close friends with the anchor on the Mississippi Queen due to the fact that you drop it on almost watch !
You sleep six inches under a steam line in the forward hole !
You sleep out on the boat's stage at night because there is no a/c for the crew !
You smell a peculiar oder eminating from the forward hole !!
You tell the African American , night watchman to take the headline out in the dark of night and not to worry about the snakes because they can't see him of his color !
You drop a piece of line on the above mentioned African American night watchman after he refuses to take out the headline for unknow reasons !
You chase the same above mentioned African American night watchman through the Orleans Room on a motorcycle !
You scare the passengers out of the Mark Twain Saloon but dawning Haloween masks and looking through the windows of the same Mark Twain Saloon !
You pilot the Str. Delta Queen , south bound through the Bayou Goula Towhead , at night , in shut oout fog !
You tell Green Deckhands and even First Assistant Engineers to go for such needed items as ; the Portable Bulkhead Stretcher , One Hundred Feet of Chow Line , or The key To The Lock , or A Bucket Of Steam !!
So if you or for that matter anyone yo know falls into these perameters ; YOU JUST MAY BE A HUCK FINN !!
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