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Ted Davisson 03-14-2009 11:17 AM

More " River Trash " , Channel Buoys !
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Greetings From New Orleans ,
In a previous article by Capt. Bob Reynolds , he brought up a very interesting point concerning the number of and variety of " Tow Boat , Junk Fleets " , that line the banks of the Mississippi River system . This article certainly gave me pause to reflect and I am sure many others , for that matter , on this topic and this problem , and yes it is a problem . One other form of " River Trash " that also lines the banks of the Mississippi River System , especially between New Orleans and Baton Rouge , are the outrageous number of Coast Guard abandoned and certainly " Off Station " Channel Buoys " ! Years ago there was a policy in place where anyone that could retrieve and then tag an off station channel buoy would be compensated for their efforts . Well , not only is that policy no longer in place but its my impression as is with many others that the Coast Guard has once again dropped the ball in not only retrieving these " Off Station " buoys but even more importantly maintaining the number of Channel Buoys that mark the low water areas on America's rivers . I grant you that its been a while since I've been above Baton Rouge , on the Mississippi River , but I am out on the river between New Orleans and Baton Rouge almost on a daily basis and I see literally hundreds of both red and green buoys that line the banks of the river . Therefore , to me at least , its certainly a waste of money , man power and material not to retrieve , refurbish and then put back " On Station " the many Channel Buoys that the Coast Guard is responsible for . Just food for thought !
Smooth Sailing !
Ted Davisson

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