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Str. Delta Queen Having Boiler Issues !

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Old 02-02-2009, 10:52 AM
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The procedure to bring the cold DQ boilers back on line as explained to me is to start and fire slowly with Number 2 (basically the same as Diesel) fuel oil from the tanks that serve the generators and to utilize compressed air as an atomizer, compressed air coming from an onboard compressor powered by one of the three generators. Fire the boilers this way until low pressure steam is made and feed this low pressure steam to the Number 6/Bunker C tank heaters slowly heating the tanks until the oil is warmed up enough to flow. Continue to fire on Number 2 until steam pressure is high enough to be used as an atomizer. With Number 6 warm enough and steam pressure up enough to use as an atomizer, switch firing to Number 6/Bunker C...and continue to raise pressure until high enough for work.

Now Capt. Ted had a point if the boilers were shut down with Number 6/Bunker C in their fuel feed piping...though the tanks could be theoretically heated with an external source of steam, I don't think the piping feeding the boilers can be heated, and I suspect the piping is insulated and would be a bear to heat by hand. Once Number 6/Bunker C cools down it basically turns into unflowable goo, basically stuck in all the various fuel oil piping serving the two boiler's burners, which I think there are 4 of them, two per boiler. But it also appears they somehow got by this problem. I'd be interested in how...
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