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Judy Patsch 07-25-2006 09:44 AM

A great excursion boating opportunity
I wrote about alternatives to overnight steamboating recently, and Keith has just pointed out a wonderful chance for us to experience longer trips on an excursion boat, and not just any boat but rather the venerable BELLE. It does take some imaginative planning to do all of these trips, as Pat Traynor is in the process of doing now as she floats on the DQ, but it is possible to hook up 2 or all 3 of the BELLE's cruises to Cincy for Tall Stacks. Overnight lodging will be the hangup, but there are several Ohio River posters who could probably help interested parties locate some hotel rooms in the Carrollton area if you are interested. As Keith suggested, go to the BELLE's website [url][/url] and check on the Special Events. There is a cruise from Louisville to Madison on Sunday, followed by a short cruise from Madison to Carrollton. Then on Monday she cruises from Carrollton into Cincinnati, and they do have bus transportation available if you do just that cruise. If I weren't driving over to Cincinnati for a week of working on the NATCHEZ, I'd be on those trips! Its a great experience to spend extended time on the Grand Dame of the Rivers...

Carmen 07-25-2006 10:32 AM


Hereīs the Carrollton Tourism website listing all hotels/motels:



Don Sanders 07-26-2006 08:01 AM

Carrolton Inn
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In Carrolton, try the Carrolton Inn. My Great-grand parents, Marion B. and Emma Mitchell Sanders, held their wedding reception there in July 1892 when the inn was called the Houghton House.

Carmen 07-26-2006 08:34 AM

Hi Don,

I saw that on the website and itīs obviously the only one which is close to the river (on Main corner Third). All other motels are about 3 mi from downtown and closer to the interstate.


Jim Herron 07-27-2006 01:36 AM

I called the Carrollton Inn. It took four calls with a recording answering three of them and finally a waitress from their restaurant answered who put the manager on the line. When I told her (the manager) that I wanted to book a room for Oct 1st she told me to call back a few days ahead since they are usually full of construction workers and would not know of any availability until then. The recording said the lobby closes at 10 pm. Small town America!

The crew from the boat is going to a state park for their lodging but the Belle of Louisville person I talked to said she had no idea about transportation to the park for anyone not in the crew. There are other hotels and motels at Carrollton that may furnish a van to pick people up.

I hope it works out as we'd like to make this trip.
-Jim Herron

Carmen 07-27-2006 04:15 AM


Must be this one:


Rooms are app. $63 (AAA rate) plus tax.

According to the map on the website the state park resort is not within a walking distance from the landing. Itīs south of the downtown area closer to the interstate.


Shipyard Sam 07-27-2006 04:08 PM

Here's a link to the Poet's House, just up the river in Ghent. Surely the hosts will pick up and deliver to the Carrolton landing. [URL=""][/URL]

Pat Carr 08-04-2006 12:15 PM

For those riding the BELLE all the way to Tall Stacks and therefore needing to stay overnight in Carrollton, I have learned that there is a taxi service which will take us to where the inexpensive hotels are located.

Pat Traynor and I will be staying at the Days Inn at a good price. The taxi guy said to just call when we get there and he will take anyone who needs a ride. I have the number programmed into my cell phone and might even call before we leave Madison to remind him. He said it is 5 miles out to the hotel area and he charges $6 per person.

So book your room in a hotel of your choice and there is transportation to get us out there and back!

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