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What Would YOU Do for the DELTA QUEEN?

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Default What Would YOU Do for the DELTA QUEEN?

Though we all are hoping and praying for another last minute miracle to SAVE THE DELTA QUEEN before the final bell tolls, but suppose, instead, that miracle doesn't happen and the DELTA QUEEN can no longer carry a full load of passenger overnight. Then suppose the Queen is bought with the idea of converting her into, let's say, an upscale dinner-cruise boat with the capacity to still carry 49 overnight guests.

The DELTA QUEEN's new owners are, surprisingly, folks who know how to run a dinner boat, but their pockets are shallow and they will have to rely on devoted friends of theirs and the DELTA QUEEN's to operate within the premise that there are many, many people who have never set foot aboard the DELTA QUEEN, let alone ridden her, and these same good people would likely pay a reasonable fee for a dinner cruise with some entertainment, too.

To operate the DELTA QUEEN in this style, for even a few hoped-for seasons, the crew will be pared down to a minimum; crew and passenger accommodations will be sparse, but adequate, with meals served buffet or cafeteria-style, and all the towels bought at discount. There would be no labor union, and the salaries would be on par with 30, or even 40 years ago; relying on semi-volunteers, retirees, adventurous youths, and anyone willing to work for a cot and three hots.

The Owners envision the DELTA QUEEN will be allowed 49 nite-time passengers aboard when the boat is underway and heading to the next town. Once the Queen arrives, the passengers may be allowed to stay aboard and enjoy the dinner cruise with several hundred additional guests as the steamboat operates under an excursion permit issued by the US Coast Guard. Some of the stay-aboards may want to volunteer and help during the dinner ride; this will be reflected in a reduced fare on their final bill. The crew will call this a Wood Ticket.

You should see where I am going with this, so what I am asking: What would you do for the DELTA QUEEN if this is what it would take to keep her operating in a relatively new way; although the DELTA QUEEN has been run this way before, though for only a few, but successful days at a time.

Who would be willing to volunteer their time, services, licenses, and skills for the DELTA QUEEN to keep her operational? What faithful passengers would be ready to buy passage aboard the Queen knowing that she would become a dinner excursion boat at her next destination?

What would you do for the DELTA QUEEN knowing that the alternative would be a much sadder fate for the beloved steamboat?
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