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Licking River Caper

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Old 11-21-2008, 09:15 AM
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Ah, Bill, your suggestion for an expedition in the spring/summer of '09 is excellent. However there are some details to be worked out. Usually MISSIE "comes out" some time between the first of April and late May depending upon the weather and the exertions of her master. She needs an outside-in "squeeze" put on her boiler and, passing that get recommissioned for the season. You mention doing an expedition into Kentucky and having to recruit a crew from questionable vouching for them. Well, there was one feller from up near you who came down-river here and planked his family down on Greenup Street in Covington. He then took his son Freddy and created all sorts of mischief down in Tennessee and thereabout. Lessee, Fort Donelson is one and Shiloh Church where he near got his ashes hauled is another! Local folks ain't much over it yet! Bill, since he came from up there just beyond you, I'll hafta study on this here vouchin' business. But, once we get all that straightened out, passports arranged etc, mebbe we can plan something. A friend, Harry Sparks lives in Ryland and he sez that he's told that you cannot get that far from the Ohio unless there is a pretty good run-out or back-water out of the Ohio. Cap'n Walnut PS: I'm told that any perfessor who applies for crew status MUST be able to play Dixie! w...
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