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AQ in St. Louis

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We were typing at the same time or I would have changed my reply.

As for the crew living in NOLA- well, that is part of the problem- how many are still living in NOLA? I have no idea. Also, I am wondering IF the crew will do more shuffles between boats including the west coast boats. For many, this is appreciated and desirable but for many others, it only makes their gypsy lifestyle harder. However, if there is a boat sitting in St Louis that needs a specific type of crew member and a boat in Oregon who has an extra available in that department, will the corporate headquarters then pay to get the crew member to the new job? What happens when their rotation is done and they want to fly home? Cheaper to fly out of St Louis? Or Portland, Oregon?

As for Seattle headquarters, Washington State may also end up home for various crew members. Although it has a high sales tax, they still enjoy no income tax and milder winters along the actual coast than most people think. Energy costs with its hydro-electric power is also less expensive than most parts of the country. It is not cheap to live there but there are very few places today anywhere in the USA that are really cheap to live there.

DN still kept its headquarters in upper New York State even while it expanded its Robin Street Wharf employees so I see no reason why AI using Seattle as an operation base will really cause problems. The Sea-Tac airport to St Louis is daily non-stop because I have taken it more times than I care to count although now that I switched to living in Manchester, I usually use Northwest with Detroit as the stop-over.

The biggest disadvantages to living in Seattle is the lack of bright sunny days. It is overcast, cloudy, and rainy. People don't tan, they rust. Yes, the cost of living there has been going up but that is true everywhere. Yes, pay rates are not generally keeping pace with the rising cost of living but that is also true everywhere.

However, I am biased. If I did not live in New England, I would probably live in the Pacific Northwest. I like the 4 seasons but get more snow in New England.

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