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PSSOA name tag, 5 and 10 timer pins

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Old 07-12-2008, 05:45 PM
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Default PSSOA name tag, 5 and 10 timer pins

Very hard to come by, I'm sure there are a few river nuts that may be interested in this eBay offer: the rectangular PSSOA nametag along with 5 and 10 timer pins. 2 timers pins are pretty easy to come by, but the nametag, 5-timer, and 10-timer are rough to find...

I don't know about you, but I'm very proud to wear my PSSOA stuff...the added benefit is when wearing my nametag everybody thinks I'm an employee on the boat....

PADDLEWHEEL STEAMBOATIN' SOCIETY PIN--10 TIMER - eBay (item 140249055798 end time Aug-11-08 11:38:47 PDT)

PADDLEWHEEL STEAMBOATIN' SOCIETY NAME TAG PIN - eBay (item 140249057196 end time Jul-13-08 08:24:21 PDT)

And I'm gotta add by edit, for any people reading that have not ridden the boat before 2007, PSSOA stands for Paddlewheel Steamboatin' Society of America, A "club" that if you cruised at least once on the DQ/AQ/MQ/Cape Boats/CQ (and even "cruising" the Delta King, so I've been told), you were an immediate member. When you arrived on any of those boats for your second cruise you were given a PSSOA tag with your name, some rectangular, some oval, some even engraved. In addition you were given benchmark pins, all different shapes, all different colors, indicating how many cruises you took: 2, 5, 10, 15, 25, 50, 75, and 100 times you cruised with the company as a gift during the repeaters/frequent floater parties. These little PSSOA gifts were given out up to and including the boats being owned by Delaware North, up to the end of 2006, and seemed to be genuinely coveted by passengers. Majestic America Line has chosen NOT to give out these little gifts, I was told it was a cost cutting measure...right...I still wear my PSSOA nametag, with my 15 timer and my pins with pride. It never fails to get a few conversations going with first time cruisers...and some think the nametag means I'm an employee, which is a hoot...

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