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Wolfe WRONG Pt. 2

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Default Wolfe WRONG Pt. 2

Several noted changes found on the D. Q. are the addition of 2 CAT diesel gen. units below main deck in the fire room which have helped with the power grid on the boat. The small steam turbin in the Lower E.R. has been removed. There is now a stern thruster to accompany the old Detroit Diesel bow thruster.
My first attempt to get to the Pilot house would have had me walking into a passenger room at 12:30 at night. I did not really get to explore the boat as much as I wanted, as most of my working time was spent in the engine room and lower decks. My off time was spent trying to catch up on sleep.
I had forgotten just how hot the engine and fire rooms could get.
The biggest change I noticed with the crew was the use of cell phones and personal computers. There is no longer the 2 hour waits to make a call shoreside. Service for both is spotty on the river and "Have you got a signal"? the most common interaction between crew members.
The one thing that has not changed in 32 years is how to handle the large volume of trash generated each day. Instead of trash cans, the U-deck is now lined with large fiberglass boxes for daily storage until trash can be hauled off at the next port. It is still very labor intensive and messy.
As to earlier questions about the wheel, It is currently a joint project between deck and engineering requiring constant "in port" work.
There has been an attempt to provide the crew with in room T. V., a CD library, and scheduled events for the crew to take part in.
Of course one of the bigeest changes I noticed was the names mentioned in boat stories and history. Capt. Mike Williams and Chief Dennis Shenk are the "old" Capt. and Chief. As I worked for and with Chief Shenk and was gone by the time Capt. Williams was aboard, my view is different as to Steamboat history time line. I don't feel that old but some considered me in time as I had considered, say Capt. Howard Tate. Comparison intended for time purposes only. Several young whipper snappers deserved a good whack with my cane, if I could have caught them. More later.
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