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NOLA, Jonathan T, UMR flooding, etc.

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Default NOLA, Jonathan T, UMR flooding, etc.

Since today in history shows Capt. Leathers' death by a bicyclist, I'll be especially vigilant on the New Orleans streets today. NOLA hadn't had rain for about 3 weeks, until I arrived Tuesday. It has rained every day I've been here - but at least for just brief periods. The NATCHEZ has had charters every night, which is good news. She also ran an 11:30 the other day due to group committments, so things are better. Unfortunately the fuel prices are throwing another monkey wrench into her recovery process though. Its not only the price of fuel she burns, but whether the tourists will cease to come due to the high price of driving/flying. We went up above the bridges the other day to check out the MQ. I don't have a scanner down here so I'll post those pix next week when I get home. The river is at 11 ft and they are expecting no more than a 2 or 3 ft. rise when the UMR waters get down here. But this is still high for this time of year. Yesterday as I drove down Toulouse St. from playing golf to riding the 2:30 trip, I could see figures of 2 men moving about the NATCHEZ roof. The Tschiggfries are in town to do the calliope research, but they were supposed to be at the Tulane Library all day Thursday. Uh huh. Seems they were worried that their planned Friday cruise/research could get rained out, so they came for the Thursday trip too. After breakfast at Croissant d'Or today, they are making up the time at the Tulane library. Its amazing to see the thoroughness with which Jonathan is proceeding on his research project. He was measuring the temperature of the calliope whistles while being played vs. at rest and Mom Debbie was recording his findings. Dad David was videotaping Debbie F.'s concert. They will do some more measurements today. If there is anything technically unknown about calliopes after Jonathan gets done, I'll be very surprised. They interviewed Doc last night for about 3 hours also... now, as to the UMR flooding. My hometown got over 3 inches of rain yesterday and some streets were temporarily flooded. But as far as I know, most is fine in the immediate QuadCities, for now. The flood crest for the Mississippi keeps rising. It is set at 19.8 now, but that was before the storms last night. The stage is 18.8, up 6 feet since I left Tuesday.(flood is 15) This is going to be worse than last month's flood. The news you all are seeing about the flooding concerns the tributaries like the Cedar and Iowa Rivers, which have gone wild. I-80 is closed from Davenport to Des Moines. Cedar Rapids and Iowa City are flooding like never before. And it keeps raining... as long as my basement doesn't get enough water to float the cat litter boxes, I'm ok.
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