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Bob Reynolds 02-20-2008 02:12 PM

A Day Brightener!
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As Cappy Louden would sometimes sing, "Brighten the Corner Where You Are", here is my attempt at that. I tried to scan two pics; for some reason I can't do one of Roy(?) from Madison, IN, "Cappy" Louden, Keith Norrington and me on the bow of the DQ. It probably can't recognize Keith and me,since we are slim and trim in the picture ; ).

The second was taken in 1989. The DELTA QUEEN was making her first trip up the Tennessee River in about 25 years, and many notables were on board, not the least of which were the two pictured here, Capt. Roddy Hammett and Miss Ann Vreeland Zeiger. Too bad they weren't having a good time! I snapped this one at Shiloh during a shore stop where I visited the boat to see my friends.

Keith Norrington 02-20-2008 02:55 PM

Bob: Oh, if that photo only had SOUND!!! Haven't heard from Roy Emery in quite some time. He was certainly a dipped and dyed DQ fan!

Found a photo recently of you and Lex on the DQ when she dressed as "The Mummy" for a Halloween party. You were dressed as a young and handsome steamboat mate! WHERE has the time gone?????????/

Judy Patsch 02-20-2008 03:40 PM

Don't know why the first pix didn't work - if it had sound, I'd say it was censored, considering who was in it. Speaking of which, Bob do you remember your late night pilothouse imitations of Capt. Howard Tate, which Keith recorded? I was playing that tape for the first time one summer evening with the tape player sitting near an open window, and my neighbor kids out in the street. I never moved faster in my life to throw myself over the speaker when you got to some of his favorite language! Maybe a good laugh would be for some of us to post our early DQ days pix and let the other board members figure out who is who... not that we've changed All that much in 30 or so years!!!!

Judy Patsch 02-20-2008 03:48 PM

Aboard the DQ Aug. 10-17, 1979
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Darn you Bob. I'm supposed to be cleaning my house getting ready for a houseguest, and now you've got me going down memory lane. Here's a pix of the 'auxiliary' captain's table one week before the Carter trip Aug. 16, 1979. We were all on the $100 a day special deal because neither the DQ nor MQ were selling well that summer. Anyone want to take a crack at posting names? I'll post them tomorrow afternoon after you've scratched your heads a bit....

Jo Ann Schoen 02-20-2008 03:53 PM

I recognize Judy, Ann Zeiger, and is that Kathy Lake? And Delly Robertson.
And I'm not an "old timer"! Can I get the big snickers bar for naming this many?

Bob Reynolds 02-20-2008 04:20 PM

Jo Ann did pretty well! I don't know the first 4 seated (from left), but standing are: Judy Patsch, Cori Reade, Henry Mitchell, Ann Zeiger and Mary Eversman

Seated, at head of table are: Margaret Simonton (Mrs. Henry Mitchel), and Kathy Lake. Down the right side, the first 3 I don't know, but that is Delly Robertson closest to the camera.

Bob Reynolds 02-20-2008 04:22 PM

Oh, isn't that Pat Sullivan between Judy and Cori? What a crowd THAT was!

Bob Reynolds 02-20-2008 04:34 PM

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Let's try this again........................

Jo Ann Schoen 02-20-2008 04:49 PM

I don't know the two on the left for sure, but the two on the right are Keith Norrington and Mr. Reynolds himself. Correct? I picture Harry Loudon looking like the older gentleman. Just a guess on my part. And could the young man far left be one of Helen Prater's boys?

Judy Patsch 02-20-2008 05:11 PM

That's not Buford in the back of you four, is it?

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