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Zen And The Art Of Piloting

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Default Zen And The Art Of Piloting

Greetings From New Orleans ,
Lately there has been some discussion concerning Piloting and Pilots in general and I would like to take this opportunity to post my thoughts on this issue . First of all , Piloting Is an art and Not a science . Someone may read all the books on Piloting , attend numerous maritime academies , and even go through a lengthy Pilot apprentice program but unless this individual has a DESIRE or even a thirst to attain this knowlege and experience he or now she will simply and literally have missed the boat . Also , I Do Not believe that for anyone that Piloting becomes " Natural " and futhermore I feel that all must work and persevere toward this goal . Years ago a book came out known as Zin And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance . For those of you that have both read the book and as myself drive motorcycles , hopfully you received something from this and understood the premis of the message . Essentially , Zin is the acquirement of enlightment through meditation , intuition and self contemplation resulting in oneness with the universe . Now I am sure that some of you are assuming that I am having a reaction to something or just flash backs to the 60's but I firmly believe that if you really want to be a Pilot and not just an operator it is essential that you become " one with " your ship or boat inorder to fully and totally be in tune with not only your ship or boat , but your entire surrounding environment as well . Some of the best " Cracker-jack " , Pilots I have ever been priviliged to work with have related to me thier own road to their own present day status and none of them have told me that it was an easy or " Natural " endeavor . Well , now you may ask how to you acquire this lofty status with the universe and or your ship or boat and my simple answer to one and all is to concentrate and focus and to humble yourself and to open your mind to your surroundings . Remember also , its not the destination but the journey and you never ever close your mind to your surroundings and those whom have gone before that wish to show You the Way .
Smoothe Sailing !
Ted Davisson
" May The Force Be With You " !
Just Kidding !!
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