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Wheel House vs. Engine Room

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Old 12-11-2007, 11:42 AM
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Default Wheel House vs. Engine Room

Greetings From New Orleans ,
" Why was Columbus able to discover the New World " ??
Answer ; " He didn't have an ENGINEER to tell him , You can't do that " !! From the first day I ever steped foot on a boat , regardless if it was the DQ , the MQ , or any one of a number of tow boats and ships too for that matter , there has always been this very appearant and distinct atmosphere of rivalry and even animosity between the WHEELHOUSE CREW and the engineroom crew . Why is that ?? Do engineers just simply do not know their place or is it nothing more than over inflated male egos and too much male testostrome ( on their part ) in a confined environment such as a boat regardless of its size , or is it simply that engineers just can't handle having to take a subservient role and position far below ( both literally and figuratively ) the well deserved , glamorus and distinguished WHEELHOUSE CREWS ?? During my tenure on both the DQ and the MQ , I had to " straighted out " a few first assistant engineers and for that matter a few chief engineers as well , and needless to say it was no small endeavor , but fortunately common sense prevailed and they saw the " error of their ways " and came to their senses !! Also , I've know a few poor souls , in my time , whom were obvisiously scizzoid , whom suffered from holding both deck and engineering licenses , and that I know secretly they only dreamed of and with the help of medication , advancing and elevating themselves to a more prestigious and lofty position in a cultured and civilized position in the PILOTHOUSE as opposed to their unfortunate " situation " in the bowls of a boat . Fortunately , at least on the passengers boats , there is a hotel dept. that even the engineers can look down on and despise and receive some limited degree of superiority over . So , there you have it folks , my totally unbiased thoughts on why you should always take pity on and lend a helping had to , anyone whom has been relagated to a position in the engineroom of a boat !!
Smoothe Sailing !
Ted Davisson
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