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'New' European River Cruise Line Announced.

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Old 12-08-2007, 12:27 PM
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Hi, Elaine, Bruno, Judy & steamboating colleagues:
I think you all are hitting the nail on the head very well. Usually such 'surveys' are constructed/assembled by, at times, outside consultants. We've all seen and experienced this as Elaine has pointed out. Consultants can run the range from A to Z; some better than others; some worse with most falling in between. The end result of the data collected is 'raw' and only as good as the consultants ability to interpret and write up in their findings. Some of these 'findings' can come as a shock to the corporate executives requesting it--especially if it focuses down on their own decisions and managment approach. "What, we made a mistake...we're being questioned?" A good true survey may start at the bottom but extends all the way to the top. Yep, the board room can be a pretty nice place to hang out for 'perks' along with those inter-locking seats on other corporate boards for at most a couple of days a month or quarterly. We used to say when an expensive consultant was brought in: "They get us enthused, take our ideas [Later pass them off as their own], stir up the pot enough and then fold their tents and steal silently away with their checks in hand leaving us to sort out the mess." No mistake, there are many fine, professional consultants and marketing services out there doing a great job. It can be the old mind set of the royal palace: You tend to give the king what he wants to hear when he's paying the bill to save your neck for the next contract down the road.

I well recall some years ago working in the gathering of massive survey materials to be analyzed. The day we trundled the sheets of raw data to the central offices I lingered and, upon leaving, heard from the front office to a secretary, "OH, h---, just take all of that stuff and put in the storage room in the basement." Need I say more? Many times we saw our suggestions written up without one change in wording or punctuation bearing the name of somebody in the central adminstration taking credit. Like they didn't know we'd read the final report. DUH! I've scars and brusies to prove it.

R. Dale Flick
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