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Ted Davisson 11-29-2007 11:47 AM

" A Pair Of Queens "
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Greetings From New Orleans ,
As was rumored , yesterday , Wednesday , the 27th. , around noon , the Delta Queen shifted from the Orange Street Wharf to the starb'd outboard side of the Mississippi Queen , located at the Perry Street Wharf , on the West Bank of New Orleans . There she will hopfully undergo a complete " winter lay-up " although its speculated that the company may not spend too much time and money on refurbishing the Delta Queen . Time will certainly tell on a number of issues that concern the future and well being of the Delta Queen but from what Iam hearing I for one would not be too optomistic . Time will tell !
Smoothe Sailing !
Ted Davisson

Fred Carmichael 11-29-2007 04:01 PM

2 for 1
I'm surpised MAL does not just paint targets on the boats, or would that give away their pending insurance scam. If the river were to get a quick rise and some Assocation or heavy tow pilot who hasn't dealt with a hot river for awhile, goes "dead" ship, slides too deep, etc. The needed waiver for the D. Q. is no longer a problem. Just a thought.

Jim Reising 12-01-2007 09:56 AM

Pray-tell, if your were in management of MAL where would you lay the boats up so they would be secure, have shore power, avoid freezing temperatures, and be accessable to vendors and various repair personnel? From reading these message boards it seems to most people on here that the management of the DQ boats couldn't fall over dead correctly.
I have followed the Delta Queen for over 50 first trip on the boat was in 1953...and in all those years no one has been able to avoid bankruptcy. The first time I went through this Save The Delta Queen campaine was in 1957-1958 when the Cincinnati bank foreclosed on the Greene Line Steamers. At that time Mrs. Greene set the purchase price for the Delta Queen at $125,000. Since then there has been a whole parade of owners; were they all idiots?

Lexie Palmore 12-01-2007 12:23 PM

It's the business of business. Some win, some lose. I don't think some of the previous owners were losing money, they were just doing business. Richard Simonton was probably the last one to buy the boat for sentimental reasons. Volumes have been written on how to run a business, but I'll bet there is no chapter on How to Run A Steamboat. Every time you learn about some really successful business, you find a PERSON at the helm who has risen above the accepted way of doing things and is intimately acquainted with the operation. The Delta Queen seems to need that "person", but we could say that about a lot of things, unfortunately. Actually, the DQ has survived the norm in that she continues to operate after 80 years of every conceivable reason for her to not even exist.

Elaine Santangelo 12-03-2007 07:36 PM

Defying the odds- yes.

As you put it Lexie- Actually, the DQ has survived the norm in that she continues to operate after 80 years of every conceivable reason for her to not even exist.

Let's hope she can still defy the odds. I have been talking among friends more as we get into heated debates about businesses generally. But, on the plus side of things, the Delta Queen's safety record is outstanding. Her ability to maintain high passenger loads, and even higher repeat passenger loyalty should help her.

So, I am still doing my best to believe in miracles.

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