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One Opinion is not Answer for All

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Default One Opinion is not Answer for All

My husband Ray & I just returned from back-to-back steamboating cruises on the AQ 6/25-7/5/2007. We had not been on the AQ since 1997 - a three day cruise. We were very apprehensive about what we would encounter on the first trip under Majestic America Lines.

Unlike Mr. Herron, we were very impressed with the whole operation. These are our opinions and we will not let negative comments keep us from cruising. As Franz has asked us "give the new owners a chance". Remember each of us is just one little spoke in a big paddle wheel, and we must learn to "breath" and go with the "flow". Our boats will remain steamboats; Majestic is just sweeping away the ole soot, leaving us with fresh new amenities.

The first nights entertainment, "All Hands On Deck" was a great presentation of the Officers and Entertainment Staff. We were given a sample review performance by each entertainer of what to expect during the cruise. Note: we now have just two singing entertainers performing for a show instead of four. We didn't think we would like, but it is much better in our opinion.

We both loved the H2O soap products. Towels were as the Company said big and fluffy. Thought the beds would give us problems, but each night we hit the bed and slept till morning. They are high for some, but made great luggage storage underneath. Our tablemates were short, but made light of the situation, going with the flow. They used the available small ladders.

There is now a large make-up mirror in the bathroom and robes. (These are not in every cabin). Please request yours at the Pursers Office. Clocks kept accurate information. (Ray bought one)

Of course there were glitches for some on our cruises, but after they were directed to the proper person, their complaints or problems were addressed. Some problems are easier to solve than others, and then you have the passengers who in their own minds do not allow the problem to be resolved.

We don't miss the late night buffet. If a person does not eat enough during the day, that is their own fault. Eating a good breakfast is supposed to be better for your health anyway.

In our opinion the boats now have Chefs that know how to prepare food without the highly seasond food of the past. We still have a selection of beef, pork, lamb, veal, duck, fish, and chicken, etc. The June 13th cruise (Mr. Herrons cruise) had Executive Chef David Bailey and we had Executive Chef Barry Bennett.

If Mr. Herron felt the portions were small, than he could have ordered another portion. He could also have addressed the issue to the Chef. What seemed small to him might be enough or too large for another passenger. We ourselves did not find small portions. In fact I began asking for 1/2 portions at dinner.

We had a hearty bowl of stew for lunch on each cruise and the bowl was always chucked full of beef and vegetables. Rather than for those at Mr. Herron's table to sit and gripe about the serving, they should have addressed the problem with the Maitre d' or Chef. They also had the choice of eating from the Buffet in the Grand Saloon.

There are mostly new servers and assistants in the dining room. We must be patient with them. We found our server and others we spoke with to be very courteous and attentive. Most are in the learning mode. Once Mr. Herron stops thinking so negatively, given the chance he will find these servers are just as good as the ones he had in the past. Majestic America Line is watching the service. If employees are not working out they let them go. We saw this twice.

When a passenger is coming on board celebrating a special occasion, we found just telling your travel agent is not enough. As soon as you get on board make contact with the Maitre d', tell your Server, and then the day before, and the day of celebration, remind them of your celebration intentions. There is no charge to sing to the passengers.

Since the Company upgraded Mr. Herron to a AA Cabin, he shouldn't be so critical about the TV not being fully installed. It worked, so why not just appreciate the upgrade and assume the installation would be finished at a later date.

We didn't like the thought of TV's on board, but now believe they will be great for a person who may not be up to par for a day confined to their cabin, etc. Never had time or the desire to use it during the cruises, but had the news on while packing. (We didn't go blind and we are still steamboaters)

Franz asked all of us to give the new company a chance. We definitely agree. All our cruises will not be smooth, just remember to "breath" and go with the "flow". Let positive vibes flow through our Steamboats!

If a steamboating problem is incurred, contact the Purser's Office, so that the proper person is contacted to address the issue. In the Dining Room direct problem to the Maitre d' for resolution.

We will take one green bean over whining any day!

Ray & Marian Nusekabel
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