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One green bean

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Default One green bean

If you are cruising on the AQ, I suggest that you pack a jar of peanut butter and a box of crackers if you want a late nite snack. Consider these facts from the cruise we took from June 13-18 from Cincnnati to Pittsburgh.

1. Small portions at lunch and dinner. One dinner I had was a small entree with 4 sticks of asparagus. A man at our table ordered prime rib one night and it came with one (yes, 1) green bean.

For lunch one day, three of us at the table ordered beef stew. Two of them came with one, (again, 1) cube of beef about 1/2 inch square and no vegetables in a bowl of gravy. The other one had no beef and a couple of slivers of celery swimming in the gravy. They should re-name it "Gravy lovers delight".

I ordered the "land and sea" (or some such name) one night. It consisted of a four ounce beef filet and one large shrimp.

They offered strawberry shortcake one night and two of us ordered it. It consisted of a chocolate chip biscuit sliced in half with two see-through slivers of strawberry and about a 1/2 teaspoon of whipped cream. It was also hard as a rock. When the diner attempted to cut into it, part of it shot off like a rocket across the table. They should have called it a strawberry hockey puck instad of shortcake.

2. Our waitress was fairly good but one at another table was somewhat beligerant to her diners. We missed the waiters from DQSC a lot.

3. My wife and I both had birthays on this cruise and I had told the reservations lady who booked our trip about it. No cake ever came, although several other tables did receive theirs.

4. Hot dogs were available at the calliope bar 11 am to 4 pm. Best meal on the boat!

5. Cookies were available during the day in the ice cream lounge by the front porch but not in the evening. The ice cream was shut down around five pm.

6. No late evening buffet, as was ofered in the past. Makes you eat more at breakfast!

7. All we found available in the evening were left over fruit, yogurt, chips and coffee, all in the front porch lounge. (We did find some small sandwiches there in a refrigerator and ate them, only to hear later that they were supposed to go to the band. - no notice about that so we didn't know not to touch them.) Hope the band didn't go to bed hungry that night!
We learned to stash a couple of apples or bags of chips for snacking after that incident.

Other observations (facts):
1. The whistle was blown very lightly, never at a full blast. The rumor aboard the boat was that the captain's wife didn't like it.

2. When the TV was installed in our cabin, a light fixture was removed to make room for it. No attempt was made to cover the holes in the wall or torn wall paper from the light fixture. Several cables were hanging from the TV screen to the tuner/DVD player on a table below it. It looked pretty tacky for an expensive (AA) room. The TV worked pretty well.

3. The ceremony to recognize past passengers was interesting, but done rather quickly. There were no pins given out. Last year on the DQ, one lady was recognized for 105 cruises. She told me that DQSC had awarded her a free cruise when she reached 100 trips. This time on the AQ, a couple was also recognized for 105 cruises. I think they received a pair of coffee cups. I hope they got a free cruise from the previous company when they hit 100 cruises.

4. The boat was not sold out and many passengers had been re-assigned to the AQ because they had booked for the MQ which isn't in service yet. Two AA cabins next to us were empty.

Now, we didn't book a AA cabin. We booked an E cabin but were upgraded to the AA by Majestic America Line without asking. We appreciated the upgrade and offer the above comments in the hope that Majestic America Line will rectify the items we noted. I suggest the place to begin improvements would be to hire a chef who can provide a menu more suited to the southern heritage the boats portray.

On the comment form at the end of the cruise, they asked if we would be cruising with Majestic America Line again. The choices were yes, no and maybe. We checked maybe.

One green bean does not make a reasonable serving.

-Jim Herron
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