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The News...Take 2

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Default The News...Take 2

Deb and I just got back from our Birmingham to Chattanooga DQ cruise. We will say that it truely was the best cruise we have ever taken on the old gal. David's right, the Black Warrior rules and I had forgotten a lot of how incredibly beautiful the Tennessee River is. We had an absolute ball...Approximately 105 repeaters, 166 passengers, NO empty staterooms. Capts PT, Kenny, and Finley kept us safe. And if any of the navigation crew is reading, how you guys 'threaded the needle' leaving Tuscaloosa was a work of art in my humble opinion. Walt and the boys kept the toes tapping, and we had wonderful lectures from Mary about the river and steamboats, guest lecturers Bud Robertson and Ken Noe about the Civil War and an incredible night show by Bobby Horton. Very many daylight annoucements over the PA from Mary about what we were seeing as the boat cruised, wonderful stuff! Brain and Velda and Bob Schad provided entertainment at night. Bob also performed in the Texas. We had a fantastic time, wonderful talks with fellow Dot.orgers Ginnie and Ralph Rhynders and David and Linda Dewey. And for the first time, Deb and I flew kites thanks to David and Ralph supplying us with the kite kits. I appologize to the navigation crew when my kite was still in the air as we approached power lines, fortunately I did manage a "just in time". Pat Taylor with Bud Robertson on drums entertained us twice late at night in the Texas. Twice we choked stumps...

And it was our first time in a bunkbed room. We were quite comfortable and the "G" rooms will now be our first choice.

Now it was interesting and VERY ENCOURAGING that quite a bit of the little stuff that was missing on our March trip has returned for passenger enjoyment. Deb and I are thrilled. In no particular order, things that have changed:

The repeater party is back. Complete with scallops and bacon that I usually snarf down until I'm uncomfortable. We also received really nice certificates signed by Capt PT recognizing us as repeaters complete with the number of cruises taken. Any cruises on the west coast and Cape boats, no matter when the cruise was taken, could also be included in the total cruise count. And the repeaters party was held on the Texas bow, complete with complimentary mint julips. A party outside while we were steamboatin'...great time!

We did Sing Along in the Texas with Bob Schad, two rounds of Trivia, two rounds of Bingo.

Some of the southern/river/seafood cooking has returned. We had bread pudding every night, seafood bisque, lobster bisque, and gumbo. And oyster/shrimp poboys. No fried green tomatoes, though :-( .

The picnic is now a permanent fixture again. In March we were told it was going to be eliminated. God, how I love their catfish...

The robes are now in the rooms. I personally don't see the big deal, but we will admit we wore them.

Somebody in engineering has improved the boiler firing, or at least it seemed so to us. There was NO soot on deck, any morning, and the blue towels have disappeared.

And everybody is back to using the term "boat"...

I have to repeat, Deb and I are thrilled that Majestic America Line seems to be trying VERY hard to increase the enjoyment of what I call the 'experience' of the DQ. They seem to be closely listening to the passenger's concerns. Definitely huge steps in the right direction...a wonderful trip, best ever, thanks Majestic America Line ..
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