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Jo Ann Schoen 06-01-2006 09:41 AM

Hi All, Took me a while to figure out how to get into the new and improved site. They tease me at work about being technically challenged. It's no joke, I really am!

I assume many of you posters and lurkers have seen the "new policy" for 2007 and the elimination of all but a very few discounts. It does appear that the new company thinks they have purchased a company that ONLY attracts the "affluent" traveler. Granted they have rearranged the cabin category, but again that benefits the higher end traveler and not most of "cargo/deck" passengers. I think what amazed me most was no forwarning at all to give anyone thinking they might book the chance to do so before all discounts were discontinued. Lucky for me I have never been a risk taker, so I booked my trips for 2007 early.

Looks like many of us will be forced to rethink how we will spend our vacation time. I'm sure many of you are like me and have only a specific amount you can budget for travel. Our only hope is that the company will see the error of their ways when the phones quit ringing.

As much as we preach the difference between blue water and brown, and as hooked as many of us are, we are willing to pay more for the "experience" and the other benefits - American crew, etc. But we are also a thrifty bunch and won't be taken advantage of. Sure don't want to see the boats go into another bankruptcy, so if the company stands by their "new policy", I hope there are enough "affluent" travelers to pay the price and keep them afloat.

Love to hear others comments and hope that Ambassadors International has someone monitoring this site.

Carmen 06-01-2006 12:35 PM

DQSC New Policy for 2007
Hi Jo Ann,

Thanks for starting this topic.

Although we donīt know the new prices yet I fear that this years cruise might be our last one. The point which are hitting us most is the 50 % rule for 3rd/4th passenger (including children). Kids up to 17 were free in a triple so far. The other thing are those announced seasonal prices. As we are forced to travel in August-MidSep we can be sure to face the highest prices.

For sure itīll be a very sad day for us when we have to admit that we canīt afford another cruise.

By the way, this new policy isnīt on the DQSC website yet. For those having a closer look on the DQSC website you might have realized that the old logo has gone and DQSC got a new name "Delta Queen Steamboat Company Operations, LLC" and that it "is a susidiary of American West Steamboat Company".


Judy Patsch 06-01-2006 05:18 PM

New rates
This single is 200% sure she's been priced out of any future trips!

Carmen 06-05-2006 11:24 AM

For all who havenīt seen the new policy yet:

PRICING will be seasonal – 7 different levels of pricing

FIT Early Booking Discounts:
10% Off bookings made prior to 9/30/06
Past Passenger Discount: 5%

NO FREE AIR Program in 2007

All bookings prior to May 25, 2006 will be honored.

BACK to BACK Discounts: 10% Off the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc sailing

SINGLE RATES: 165% of applicable fares for first class (C & CC), 200% of applicable fares in all other categories

3rd & 4th RATES: 50% of applicable fares – NO DISCOUNTS – PSSOA Not Combinable, includes children

PORT CHARGES (Fuel Surcharge no longer added):
(Includes Taxes, Transfers, Meet & Greet day of embark/disembark)
$99/pp 3 NT Cruises
$109/pp 4 NT Cruises
$119/pp 5 NT Cruises
$129/pp 6 NT Cruises
$149/pp 7 NT Cruises
$169/pp 8 NT Cruises
$199/pp 11 NT Cruises
Transfers are included with port charge. No refund if not used.

Revised Categories Shown Below:

AAA now A / AAA now OS / AAA now ??
AA now B / AA now AA / AA now ??
A now C / A now BB / A now ??
C now D / B now CC / B now ??
E stays E / C now DD / C now ??
G now F / D now EE / D now ??
I now I / E now E / E now ??
--- / F now F / G now ??
--- / G now J / H now ??
--- / I now K / I now ??

Notice regarding Bookings and Cancellations:
Deposits are due 3 days after the booking is made.
Cancellation for non-payment will automatically take place on the 4th day.

$350/pp for cruises 3/4/5/6 Nights
$500/pp for cruises 7/8 Nights
$750/pp for cruises 11 Nights or Longer


Jo Ann Schoen 06-05-2006 12:24 PM

Carmen & Judy, Looks like we're in the minority of being concerned about the discounts being discontinued on our beloved boats. Maybe I am the only non affluent passenger they had!

Judy Nichols 06-05-2006 12:57 PM

I am mostly a lurker, but rest assured I am very concerned about the new rates and dare I mention it the loss of most of my favorite entertainers. Judy N

Carmen 06-05-2006 01:23 PM

Jo Ann,

I guess weīre also far away from being affluent having spent on steamboating so far much more than we should have. Iīm still waiting for the new rates but I fear they wonīt be lower than the old ones.


Ginnie Rhynders 06-05-2006 02:27 PM

Also concerned
I also think we may have booked our last trips (in 2007 fortunately). We had splurged big on the Alaskan cruise on the EON and returned last night. It was wonderful, its a beautiful boat, rooms spotless and crew friendly. We did have some issues with service in the dining room and the food itself. Perhaps the DQ servers have spoiled us. Clara was the historian and did a fine job, as did the entertainers, a few of which were from DQSC. All the staff we talked to were excited about the addition of the Queens to their family. Alaska itself was spectacular and we're so happy we were able to go. Having said all that I have to say that we still prefer the grand lady herself. Unfortunately we are not among the affluent either and have pinched quite a few pennies to go on these trips so guess the good times will be over after next year.
I hope that Ambassadors LTD doesn't try to fix what ain't broke!!

Greg Weber 06-06-2006 12:00 AM

Well, all I can say is that we'll have to wait to see the numbers. Let's face it, steamboatin ain't been cheap for a long time. With fuel prices doubling since D.N. bought the boats, it's no wonder that fares are increasing. Everything's going up. Been to the Grocery store lately? That said, most of us have a limit on what our budgets will allow for these cruises. In the past, I've been known to "break the bank" when booking trips. However, I too fear that this year's Tall Stacks will be my last trip for the forseeable future. Perhaps the new management will be able to fill the boats with the blue bloods only, but wouldn't that be a shame. Still, they're in it to make money, plain and simple.
So, what do they care if the rest of us can only afford to wave from shore?

Jo Ann Schoen 06-06-2006 09:50 AM

Maybe someone is listening or clearer heads have prevailed. Whatever the reason I just got notice late yesterday that there are some discounts out there for 10 trips on the DELTA QUEEN and at least three on AMERICAN QUEEN in 2007. I have not gotten the MISSISSIPPI QUEEN specials yet. They all include Free Air. For the DELTA they are: March 17-24, April 12-20, April 27-May 4 (BELLE of LOUISVILLE race). If you haven't taken this trip - it's a must! So much fun with so many repeaters. Also specials on May 17-24, May 31-June 7, June 24-July 5 (Great Steamboat Race), August 2-10, September 28-October 1, October 15-22, November 18-25. On the AMERICAN QUEEN March 9-16, June 8-15 and November 17-24. These are for 2007 and must be booked by August 25, 2006. On the DELTA they apply to category's C,G and I (?). It may now be H from previous information received. On the AQ they are for C,E, & G. The discount varies per category and trip. But for my limited budget they are doable. If I didn't already have my trips for 2007 booked I'd be on the phone right now with my travel agent.

Also I'm sure there are still some specials for 2006 available - have your travel agent check with the company. Don't put off taking that trip on the DELTA QUEEN, MISSISSIPPI QUEEN or the AMERICAN QUEEN that you've always wanted to take. If you've ever thought you would like to do it, I'm sure you'll love it. I DID!!!!

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