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Shipyard Sam 05-30-2006 07:30 PM

Cap'n Pegan and YT took a trip upriver to visit the Sternwheeler WINIFRED / M. S. MEREADA tied up on the Kentucky side above old Dayton Bar. Click onto the link for some pictures taken during our visit.[URL=""][/URL]

Carmen 05-31-2006 08:24 AM

Great photos, thank you!


Jim Reising 05-31-2006 09:58 AM

Be leary of a boat that has a 1 1/2" gasoline pump sitting next to an open manhole....that pump wasn't put there because there was no where else to store it.
The trouble with a boat like the WINIFRED is its neither "fish nor fowl"......too big and heavy to be considered a pleasure boat, that means it requires a regular shipyard and their high costs to work on it but most shipyards won't fool with pleasure boats which is what this is.
The WINIFRED is an awfully big hole in the water and it will take a lot of money to fill that hole.
Looking at the pictures it looks like the only thing the boat has going for it is the paddlewheel.

Bill Judd 05-31-2006 12:45 PM

Jim: Good advice!! I have raised the boat three times. Enough said

Jim Reising 05-31-2006 04:19 PM

Shipyard Sam...if you want to dream, dream big
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Perhaps you could get the folks at the RH shipyard to build a replica of the sidewheel theres a boat that once you started cruising you'd never want to stop. Take a good look at the picture, the more you study it, the more charming the boat becomes. It would be the ideal pleasure boat.

Hank Bloomer 06-01-2006 11:45 AM

Beautiful boat! Nice porportions for a 128 footer. Unusual for a boat of her era to have the wheels so far forward, though that may be an illusion because of the angle of view. Way says she came out with "rotary engines", perhaps that would have something to do with the engine/wheel placement. I'm not sure what he means by rotary engines- turbines? Whatever her looks, she apparently wasn't much of a performer. Guess you can't have everything.

Shipyard Sam 06-01-2006 02:55 PM

Good, sound advice by both you and Cap'n Judd. [B]But[/B].... if any of the few remailing paddlewheelers are going to be saved, then someone must take a chance, foolish it may be or not, and rush in where the angels fear treading. I did pass on the WINIFRED, but I loved walking her decks, and as John Hartford said, [B][I]"Dream."[/I][/B]

Foolishly, or not, I also found a 35-foot homemade house boat that needs a new bottom plus a zillion other things (mostly $$), but she looks so lonely and forlorn moldering away on the riverbank, that I am seriously pondering buying and restoring this could-be beauty.

Shipyard Sam 06-01-2006 04:53 PM

Big Liberty
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Yea, Y'er right. The LIBERTY [I]is[/I] the one to build. So we sent your suggestion and pic of the "Little Liberty" over to Crazy Cliff, in the Drafting Department, and he came up with this rendering for an even BIGGER boat that we're calling the [B]BIG LIBERTY[/B]. Whatta ya think?

Tom Schiffer 06-02-2006 07:57 AM

Re: Liberty. Clifford's design shows imagination, but you cannot see the truly innovative part of it, and that is his design and layout of the sub-basement. Since all of the machinery is in the main hull and main deck, the sub-hull will be quite useful as soon as he figgers out how to keep the water out.

Jim Reising 06-02-2006 08:27 AM

Now that is a's easy to see how the RH Shipyard and in particular Crazy Cliff gained their world wide reputation! I want to be invited to the launching, it should be something to see especially if you do a side launch. Tell the boys at the shipyard no more Pocahantas Water until this project is complete...uhm looks like Crazy Cliff has already ignored that rule.........

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