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sandy mccluskey 03-18-2007 11:05 PM

Early or Late seating
I've read somewhere that their are 2 seatings for dinner on the DQ...and somehow they overlap...We wern't asked at booking which one we wanted.

Before I call our Travel Agent....Any opinions? What time is Early?/Late?

Also I believe I read somewhere that entertainment is in the Dining Room after dinner...How long after?


Carmen 03-19-2007 02:26 AM

Hi Sandy,

On the DQ I prefer the late seating which is at 7 or 7:15 pm (please correct me if Iīm wrong, thatīs what I remember). The nightly show used to be more or less directly after dinner (9:15 pm).

On the MQ/AQ I prefer the early seating as the late seating lasted until 10 pm on some nights.


sandy mccluskey 03-19-2007 03:00 PM

I called Majestic Cruise lines this morning...They have us booked for the 7pm I assume thats late seating.
I asked if their were rooms still available for the 4-27-07 cruise....and they said quite afew...including 6 Cat. D's.


Elaine Santangelo 03-19-2007 05:33 PM

Yes Sandy, that is the later seating and they do overlap.

On the AQ & MQ, there are not enough seats to have overlapping so the seatings are separate and the later seating might be later if there were people lingering at seating #1. Many elderly and diabetic passengers really need first seating consideration to help them keep blood sugar regulated.

However, on the DQ, the Orleans room is an all purpose room and can handle all of the passengers. The reasons for doing a 2 seating shift include making it easier for staff and most importantly for the kitchen. When you are given a tour of the boat during your trip, you will be amazed at how talented the kitchen staff is at producing so many great meals for so many people in such a small space. Remember that the crew meals are also done in the same kitchen on the DQ. The AQ and the MQ have a lot more options on this.

I think Carmen's plans are probably best to get the maximum benefits of the cruise so DQ becomes the late shift option and MQ and AQ becomes an early shift option.

Also, if you are wine drinkers- the boat would label bottles with your room number and store unfinished bottles. (Don't know if they changed this policy.) When the boats are full, this does sometimes create headaches because of space especially if it is a wine that should be chilled. But, the crew will do everything in their power to make your trip as special as possible.

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