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MQ - Steamboat Race Cancelled - Help

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Default DQ Rooms - an oxymoron

Bruno and Pat, just a beautiful summation of the soul of the DQ... its not the size of the room, or the size of the boat. If that is the most important thing, then steamboating is not for that person. And I dare say that for many a passenger who came on board and was upset at the smallness of their room, the old DQ turned on her charm and made them into devout repeaters anyway! I always hated those fisheye lens shots in the brochures. No sense trying to make something look like something it isn't. And most people would rather pay more for a bigger room if that's what they want if they know upfront the sizes. I don't have a breakdown of my room classes on my 42 DQ cruises, but the majority of them were in the now cheapest class, whatever alphabetical symbol that is, such as 338, 337 and the old 313/314 - the small bunk bed rooms on the Sundeck. My favorite was 338, starboard stern, so I could easily run in and grab my tape recorder when the calliope player showed up. My day began with breakfast at 7 and then I was in my lounge chair on the corner of the starboard Sundeck stern until the 5 o'clock singalong, and then again until the evening show, maybe. No lunch or dinner for me, that's when I had the boat to myself more or less and when the beautiful sunsets occurred. On my first trip in August 1973, we four shared 2 rooms, 130/131 which were part of the 6 without bathrooms. These were all on the Cabin Deck aft cabin lounge. There were public bathrooms just forward of the back doorways and these had showers in them for our use. Behind the serving counter there on the stern were several inside small rooms, Skid Row, which were combined with the outside Skid Row rooms(6 across) to provide bathrooms for them. I was in those rooms quite a bit too. This was when we had only the 2 portholes in the splash board, and the pop machine back there. Most of the time I requested the cheapest room on the Sundeck starboard(Louise's deck) and especially 338. Amy Carter had that room and her parents were next door in 340, then a AAA in 1979, but I always considered it MY room. One of the peculiarities of the DQ is that no three rooms of the same class are the same dimensions, only the corresponding two on port and starboard are the same. I would use the turnover days when I was staying on to go in and check out the various rooms and layouts so I'd know which ones to request. 338 was 6.5 feet wide and 11 feet long, plus the bathroom. This was pretty standard for that class. 313/314 were made from the public bathrooms(see Way's Saga diagram) and in those rooms you couldn't sit on the toilet and close the bathroom door at the same time. Those rooms are now part of bigger rooms made from the old officers' quarters. The bathroomless rooms on the Cabin Deck are now also part of larger rooms. The 6 Skid Row rooms became in 1984 the two bathtub suites on the Cabin Deck stern. Many of us 'buffettes', including Ann Zeiger, ended up in the cheapest rooms as roomies through the old share basis policy, which enabled us to cruise as much as we did - no singles penalty.We had a capacity of 180 back in the '70s which is reduced due to the larger and fewer rooms now. And we could also have a third in the bunk bed rooms on the Texas, the ones with the wide lower berth 207, 208, 209 and so on. Thanks to Patrick, I was able to experience the relative spaciousness of 324 several years ago. I couldn't believe it: you could walk between the twin beds, and the bathroom ran the length of the room. It was almost as big by itself as my old 338... but Kathy, you can see the size of the room did not deter me - I made 42 trips on the DQ and you could add up all my rooms' total sq. footage and it wouldn't match one hotel suite. I'd never trade those experiences for a stationary suite! Something IS always happening on the river!

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