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Basic Help and Instructions

Basic instructions for the new Message Board

register / login

In order to post a message you need to be logged in.

You don't need to be logged in if you just want to read messages, but I highly recommend to login at any time to enjoy all features available. That also includes that you'll see much less advertizing than when you're not logged in.

The Remember Me checkbox at login enables you to stay logged in as long as you do not click on the log out link. Even if you come back many days later you'll still be logged in. Important: Always click on log out when you're not at home at your personal computer but e.g. at a public library!

user name and password

You can re-use your user name and password from the old message board in case you've signed up there already. If you don't have a username and password yet, please register here: Just follow the instructions there. After successfully registering you'll receive an e-mail with an activation link you need to click on to finalize your registration.

If you don't remember your password at any time, go to the following page to receive a new password by e-mail:

To change your password, login and then go to the User Control Panel and there to Edit Email & Password, or just go directly to this page with this link: and change your password to what ever is convenient for you.

navigating through the forums

(remark: most of the following applies only when you're logged in.)

back to the forums homepage, forum overview
In the upper left corner you'll always find the link Messageboards - Forums Home. This link will always bring you back to the start page you see after you've logged into the message board. Go there when you feel lost.

jump to an other forum
From within any forum you can jump directly to an other forum with the Forum Jump drop-down menu, located at the lower right corner.

overview over new postings
To find out which postings are new since your last visit, simply use the New Posts link in the upper horizontal navigation bar. To see all postings from the last 24 hours, click on Today's Posts within the Quick Links drop down menu, also located at the upper horizontal navigation bar.

reading messages

When logged in different to the old message board with just one forum you'll find three different forums - I've split this up because in the old message board new postings did disappeare too fast as ther simply had been too much postings every day for just one forum. Also the three different forums will give you more room for slightly off-topic postings.

Steamboats & History
This is the core forum, closest to the old message board, covering everthing around steamboats, paddlewheelers, history, etc.

River Talk
This forum is meant for every discussion that is related to the rivers, towboating, etc. that is not directly linked to steamboats.

River Cruises
Discuss your experience on river cruises, not only on the US rivers, but also in Europe, China, Amazon River and other territories.

Please don't worry too much about whether your posting is in the right forum. Just post it where you thing it's okay and you're fine. I'll always be able to move a posting to a different forum at any time, so no problem at all.

posting new messages

To post a new message (not a reply), just go to the forum you want to post to and click on the new thread button. You only need to fill in the subject (Title) and your message and then click on Submit New Thread when you want to post directly or Preview Post if you want to check your poting before finally posting it. You do not need to change anything in the Additional Options; for the beginning just ignore them. If you know what you're doing, feel free to use these additional features, of course.

posting a reply

To post a reply to a message, scroll down the page until you see the Quick Reply box. Put your reply into the text box and click on Post Quick Reply. If you want to use the additional options for posting a message, click on Go Advanced and you'll get the same screen as when posting a new thread (see above) with additional options like posting pictures, etc.

View a list of all new postings since your last visit

Just click on New Posts. This feature is category-independent, so you get all threads with new postings from all categories/forums.

How to recognize which specific message is new?

Look at the column on the left of the threads/messages listings: When you see a orange colored envelope, then you haven't read at least one of the messages in this this thread yet. Blue colored envelopes are marking threads you've read before already. In the thread view unread messages are marked by little blue and orange colored rectangles in front of the posting title.

Display modes

If you find it difficult to read the messages in general, you may want to try out one of the other options for viewing a thread: Choose the thread you want to read and try out the three different options in Display Modes:

- Linear Mode: all messages within the thread are shown in a long list on one page.

- Threaded Mode: this is the view you probably know already. In the top area you find a tree structure like list of the messages as you're used to from the old message board. Below the messages is show which you have clicked on.

- Hybrid Mode: this vie is a combination of the two above: You have the tree structure view of the all messages, but below you see the message you have clicked on plus all subsequent postings that are replies to this message or replies to replies of it. So here you see whole branches of a thread instead of just one single message like in the threaded mode.

Now, when you've found the display mode you like most, either let me know by e-mail and I'll set this mode as your personal default mode. Or if you like you can do this by yourself of course, too: User Control Panel - Edit Options - about in the middle you'll find the setting for the Thread Display Mode. Set to the appropriate mode and click on Save Changes at the bottom of the page. Now the mode you've chosen is your standard mode.

message board rules

The Message Board is a semi-moderated discussion board for exchanging relevant information about steamboats, paddlewheelers, riverboats, the US inland rivers and related stuff. Its primary purpose is to facilitate the exchange of information, advice, suggestions, and discussion about facts and history, not to serve as a forum for chatting and exchanging personal messages (please use e-mail or private messages for these purposes).

Registration is only being accepted with your full real name (first and last name), while first and last name must be separated by a blank. Please contact the moderators before registering when you have a good reason for posting anonymously. The purpose of this guideline is to try and keep information posted on the Message Board as accurate as possible by asking people to stand behind their posts.

The Message Board requires all posters to adhere to a high standard of courtesy and civility. Polite, constructive criticism, and polite responses to same, are acceptable. Insulting or inflammatory language; explicit language; argument and debate for their own sake; and personal attacks on other posters ("flaming") are all prohibited. Please note that this standard is inherently subjective, and is considerably more restrictive than the standards on many other forums. Some people may not find it possible to express their full views and stay within this guideline. Other people may have legitimate philosophical objections to posting under inherently subjective moderation. In either case, we must respectfully ask them to express their views in other forums than this one. No profanity. There will be zero tolerance for this, and posts containing profanity will be deleted on sight.

Defining what constitutes uncourteous, uncivil, or unconstructive speech, and deciding when continued discussion of a subject is no longer constructive, shall be within the sole discretion of the moderators. They may choose to issue a back-channel warning, may delete posts without warning, or may close threads to new posts. Where possible, the moderators will try to explain the cause for their decisions, either back channel or through an announcement on the board.

Commercial advertising is allowed on a case-by-case basis. In general, we do not want to see a great deal of regular commercial advertising on the board. However, do encourage people to announce the availability of products and services of immediate relevance to other posters. If you have something for sale that may be of interest to the list, please ask the moderators for permission first.

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