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We're Losing our Steamboats: Let's Keep their Voice Alive

Posted 06-02-2010 at 01:19 PM by Richard Weisenberger
I invite everyone with a passion for the steam whistle to join me at
Return Real Whistles to the Rails | Facebook and learn more about the latest developments in whistle design.

It is a group dedicated to reintroducing real whistles to today's railroads through recent improvements in their technology. It can apply to the shipbuilding industry as well. Whistles are not INHERENTLY the inefficient sound signals that most still think of them as, but through proper engineering of their design parameters can be made to compete with current air horns and sirens in terms of acoustical watts out/mechanical watts in.

The normal operating medium would be air. Although they still sound like whistles, the use of steam to power them is but an option to fully restore the old traditional sound.

Sure, whistles require much more CFM than air horns, but they DO NOT require the customary high pressures to produce high acoustical output. Current mechanical sirens also use low pressure at a high flow rate, yet no one seems to question how they achieve high output.
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Hey, am new to this site...I'm looking for a picture of just the smoke stacks to use on a party invitation for my son's rehearsal dinner that will b on a riverboat...can any one help ?
also, my grandmother always talked about the Eliza Battle coming up the Tombigbee River from Mobile ? does anyone know where it sank ????
Posted 08-21-2010 at 09:53 AM by Tom Adams Tom Adams is offline
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