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The Captains Log November 20th, 2003

Posted 11-21-2012 at 09:58 AM by Capt Mike
A rainy night here in Florida, while digging through my archives I dropped one of my log books and it fell open to todays date, only nine years past... November 20, 2003
I had mamaged to get a couple of hours of light sleep when I was called as we approached Oak Alley plantation, descending the river from the north. I was wide awake in a moment, snapped to attention as I hurriedly dressed for duty. For night landings, I always kept my pants hanging on a hook next to my bunk, a pull- over...
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Old Steamships

Posted 10-16-2012 at 07:24 PM by Robert Davis
who can help me?Old blue prints. I found a set of 3 prints for a old ship. The chief engineer on the ship was Henry McClanahan. The name of the ship was. " AMERICA" OPERATED BY THE RIVER EXCURSION CO.
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The New Lotus,

Posted 07-23-2012 at 11:48 AM by john love
We have reason to believe that A.A. Waterhouse owned and operated the "New Lotus" a stern wheel steam boat in the Atchafalaya Basin of Louisiana between about 1915 and 1925. We have a picture of the boat, but have not been able to find any more information on it. Any suggestions?
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Steamboat HIGHLANDER of 1835 -The Model In Research

Posted 06-27-2012 at 05:30 AM by Rex Stewart
The American steamboat, whether sternwheeler or sidewheeler, were classic vessels of their times. Beautiful floating palaces that awed the imagination as they churned on our rivers and lakes.

When built in 1835, the Hudson River steamboat HIGHLANDER was one of the fastest boats in operation. She ran on the Newburgh-New York Line until the steamer THOMAS POWELL appeared in 1846.

Not many 1830 era models exist on early American steamboats. To challenge this, as both artist-historian...
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Lots of photos from the 1920's

Posted 03-28-2012 at 10:08 PM by Lance King
I have recently acquired a photo album that belonged to my great grandmother of Natchez, MS. I come from a long line of riverboat captains and it appears they liked taking lots of pictures of riverboats. There are also pictures of the 1927 flood, I think mostly on the Yazoo River. Most of the photos are in really good shape. Anyway, I am planning on scanning them and was wondering if there is an ideal place for me to post them. Should I just add them here to my blog section? Perhaps many of...
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