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Some Early Packet Boats Built On Monongahela River

Posted 02-27-2009 at 11:13 AM by Larry Durdines
Updated 02-27-2009 at 11:19 AM by Larry Durdines (correction)
The following boats were built and ran before the 1848 start date of Capt. Ways book.

SPY sw p wh b. Fredericktown Pa. 42 tons, enrolled Pittsburgh Sept.7, 1841, owners Henry Wise, Caleb Hartford and William Neff, abandoned in 1841

REINDEER ? p, b. Brownsville,1825, was first boat to Morgantown on April 29, 1826

ODD FELLOW ? p , b. Brownsville , 1828, ran as a packet and traveled to Morgantown several times in 1828 and 1830

MONONGAHELA p ? , b. Brownsville 1828, ran Mon as a packet and several times to Morgantown in 1828- 1830.

FANCY stw p wh b.Fredericktown Pa. 1832, 21 tons,one deck, Master was Capt. Charles T. Bower, owners Bower and Griffith. Was at Morgantown on Feb.4,1833. Sold in 1834, burned at St. Francisville La. March 23,1837 with no loss of life, was then listed as a sidewheeler.

SCIENCE sw p wh b.Fredericktown Pa. 51 tons,enrolled Pittsburgh May 8,1834, owner and Master Henry Wise, one deck, cabin above deck and plain head, ran on Monongahela and in Pittsburgh - Wheeling trade. Enrollment of Sept.8,1835 shows she was owned by her master Capt. J. W. Devacht and A. Cartel, both of Gallipolis Ohio. Enrollment of Sept.30, 1836 shows Capt. John Masey as Master and part owner along with David Lionberger as the other owner, both of Gallia County, Ohio. abandoned in 1838.

WABASH stw p wh b. Fredericktown Pa. 1836,44 tons,79 x 16 x 3, Registered June 2, 1836,Capt. James C. Pitts of Fredericktown , Master, owned by four men from the same town. One deck with cabin above and plain head.

ROYAL sw p wh, b. Millsboro, Pa. 68 tons,enrolled March 6, 1839, one deck with cabin above, owned by a group of 9 owners, Capt.Joseph Sedgwick was Master. Operated as a packet on Mon River, made 29 trips in year ending June 1840.A collision with the steamer EXACT is described in Buckingham's Eastern And Western States Of America ( 1842 ) , no date is given. Rebuilt and named MARION on March 3, 1840 ,then shown as 80 tons. Enrollment of Aug.9, 1841 gives Capt.Samuel Gaskill as Master and owner along with Speer and Gaskill of Belle Vernon Pa. Abandoned in 1843.

EXACT sw p wh, ? (smaller than the Royal ) was running as a Brownsville - Pittsburgh packet in 1841.

The following two boats are listed in Ways Packet Directory. I add the following information that was not included in the book.

GLOBE 2354, was the first boat to Fairmont,W. Va. on Sunday Feb.11, 1850.

MONTEREY 4025, was 143 x 16 x 4. Capt. Joseph Sedgwick, Master. Capt. Lewis Morris was Master in part of 1847. Ran in Pittsburgh and Fredericktown trade. Sold in fall of 1847. Enrollment for Nov.17,1847 shows owners as Capt. Lewis Clancy of Clarke County Ky. Master and Samuel Bell of Lexington Ky. In Dec. 1848 was snagged on Kentucky River near mouth of Paint Lick Creek.
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