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Showboat Becky Thatcher probably gone forever

Posted 02-22-2010 at 09:35 AM by Franz Neumeier
The Marietta Register ( The Marietta Register Online - Web Extra: Becky Thatcher Sinks ) reports that the historic, 83 year old paddlewheel showboat Becky Thatcher sank on Sunday near Neville Island. Not much more information is available at this time except that a heavy snow load may have caused the disaster.
According to the newspaper eyewitnesses say they find it unlikely that she may be saved. The online article at the Marietta Register also has some - very sad - pictures from the Becky Thatcher.
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This is indeed a sad thing that has happened. I am disappointed that the company who had the Becky Thatcher for sale had such a high price on it....I saw the listing on eBay several times. When I would pass the boat while on board the Valley Gem, I often thought that the Becky Thatcher would end up sinking at the dock. I had hoped that someone would bauy the bought and re-open the eatery and theater. My opinion is that if the company saling the boat would have been more reasonable in the price, she would have sold sooner and restored so that others could enjoy this wonderful piece of history. It is a sad thing that she has slipped into history and her time ended in such an unfortunate way.
Posted 02-27-2010 at 11:09 AM by Arron Kerns Arron Kerns is offline

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