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Delta Queen's Crew Plea to Congress

Posted 09-29-2008 at 05:40 PM by Franz Neumeier
The crew of the steamboat Delta Queen has produced a video asking Congress to save this National Historic Landmark -- and their jobs. The video is online at Youtube and the DQ's crew is asking everyone to watch the video there, vote for it, leave a comment and forward it to others.

The video at Youtube:

This is what the DQís crew has to say:

"Please help us, the crew of the Delta Queen, save both our jobs and a national treasure!

The Delta Queen is the last traditional steamboat carrying overnight passengers on our inland waterways, an example of a time when the rivers were our highways. The steamboat is one of the most significant inventions in the history of the world, and it is an American invention. Before the power of steam was harnessed to transportation, the fastest that people could travel was the speed of a galloping horse. The arrival of the steamboat meant that not only could people and goods travel faster, so could knowledge and information. That transforms society!

The people who work on this boat are some of the finest people you could possibly meet. Many of them lost everything they had in Hurricane Katrina; the stories passengers tell of those tragic days when many staff had no idea where their family members were, yet continued to provide exemplary service, are heart-rending. We are family on the boatóblack, white, Hispanic, Asian, gay, straightówe look out for each other, and cannot bear the idea that after 81 years of service, our boat will end because of political greed!"
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