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Rep. Oberstar deleting negative comments on YouTube

Posted 06-03-2008 at 01:57 PM by Franz Neumeier
Updated 06-10-2008 at 08:00 AM by Franz Neumeier
Rep. James Oberstar obviously has deleted 9 negative comments that had been posted in response to his speech in the House of Representatives on April 24, 2008 on YouTube (see video below). Just in case Mr. Oberstar decides to even delete the whole video, you'll find another copy of the video on YouTube.

We've documented the manipulative manner of this speech and his untrue statements at before (Rep. Oberstarís manipulatory tricks in his Delta Queen speech ...), so there is no need to repeat myself here regarding the unbelievable impertinence of this speech.

Fortunately one of the major supporters of the Save the Delta Queen Campaign has made a print-out of the comments at YouTube just hours before they were deleted on June 2 (see attached PDF file).

Against the rule - anywhere, everywhere

Rep. Oberstar might be able to betray his constituents - because they're not able to help it. He might be able to be untruthful to his fellow Representatives in the House - because they don't know better (or don't want). But deleting comments on a video he posted by himself on a public video sharing platform like Youtube is a totally different thing. This is an absolute no-go.

Mr. Oberstar, you can't buy the Internet, you can't control it in your manipulatory way. Either you're on the Internet and accept its rules or you're not going there at all.

Let's show Mr. Oberstar who rules on the Internet! Post your comments on the video here, use the comment function in this blog. (You need to be logged in; please stick with the posting rules).

And let's tell the media what he did! We have the print-out, we can show the deleted comments to everyone.

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Posted 06-03-2008 at 02:53 PM by Judy Patsch Judy Patsch is offline
Mr Oberstar is neglecting to accept the fact the United States Coast Guard (USCG) DID infact certify the DELTA QUEEN to operate for the 2008 season and HAS had multiple inspections where she DOES pass all necessary safety regulations as an overnight passenger carrying riverboat. The Safety of Life at Sea Law is not considered on her because of her current exemption (the eighth consecutive exemption with no safety related injuries of any type aboard her) and the fact she was built before the law was concieved (also known as a Grandfather clause).

If Mr. Oberstar wants us to accept his assumption the SULTANA and the DELTA QUEEN are of the exact same technological era, do we not have to accept for fact a 747 and anything the Wright Brothers flew are utilizing the same technology and therefore should be shunned for their danger potential. Are we to believe there have been no technological advances in any area ever?

Has there been no advancement in the areas of safety and machinery of a steamboat? The answer...yes there has! The SULTANA had no onboard smoke/fire detection system, no trained crew in firefighting safety, no chargeable fire hoses, and no surface aboard the vessel was coated in a NASA developed intumescent coating to retard (slow) the progress of fire. The DELTA QUEEN has all of these protections and MANY more.

Sadly, people with out knowledge of the advances in steamboat and passenger carrying vessel technology over the 100+ years vessels have run the rivers as the sole form of waterbourne commerce will come to accept this flagrant misrepresentation of verifyable fact.

Mr. Oberstar needs to come forward and explain his flip floping on this issue. For before Majestic America Line were the owners of the DELTA QUEEN (28, November 2006) and before they made the decision all operators are of free will to make in the United States of America to make their vessels non-union
(12, December 2006), Mr. Oberstar IS on the record as in support of continuing the exemption of the DELTA QUEEN from the 1966 Safety of Life at Sea Law. Perhaps he will choose to use this forum to explain his change of decision to us?

Perhaps a look into his campaign support could answer his change of heart. It is documentable he has recieved financial support from one of the two unions no longer representing crew members of the DELTA QUEEN by her current owners (see... ) .

The Sea Farers International Union (SIU) have denied their involvement in the decision Mr. Oberstar has made in a public statement. However, Mr. Daniel Inouye (D-HI) has made public statement indicating Mr. Oberstar would change his vote IF the SIU and related unions were welcomed aboard all vessels of the Majestic America Line fleet, including vessels which historically were not carrying Union employment.

For all the negative information imparted by Mr. Oberstar in relation to the exemption from the 1966 Safety of Life at Sea Law for the DELTA QUEEN, it is not only suspect but one could easliy conclude it to be motivated by an outside influence. If this conclusion is not correct, perhaps Mr. Oberstar would care to use this forum to correct me?

Mr. Oberstar, please reconsider your stand and let the true facts and honesty lead your heart!
Posted 06-03-2008 at 03:47 PM by inactive user 02 inactive user 02 is offline

Freedom of Choice and Speech

Mr. Oberstar is really overstepping his bounds now! First he wants to take the ability to ride an overnight passenger vessel, the DELTA QUEEN away from us which is our Freedom of Choice and now he's trying to take our Freedom of Speech away from us by deleting our comments on the internet. WHAT NEXT MR. OBERSTAR?

My comment to his argument against the exemption was that he jibber jabbered. His argument was full of falsehoods and misleading. They were ludicrous and absurd.

Obviously he carries a big stick, because he came off looking ridiculous. Many must owe him big favors to take his side of the argument. Mr. Chabot's comments were precise and truthful.

What has our country come to?!?!?!
Posted 06-03-2008 at 03:53 PM by Jo Ann Schoen Jo Ann Schoen is offline
I also agree that Rep. Oberstar has overstepped his grounds by deleating the youtube comments. Humm....I wonder if he's aware that anything that is written on the internet, whether it be in an email OR as a comment is actually copyrighted by the person who wrote it? Does the people who posted the comments know that he has deleated them? And for sure.... he's totally in violation of the United States Freedom of Speech.

I just visited Rep. Oberstar's web site (internet links cannot be copyrighted)...If you visit the site, you will not find one thing about what is going on with the Delta Queen. But lo and behold....there's LOTS about airlines and the FAA{F288425A-8AF0-48DE-A1DB-25C435C1B9DA}

Being a wife of an airtraffic controller we know that the airways are not as safe as the FAA wants you to believe. MANY, MANY, MANY control towers are still working with the same old equiptment that was used many years ago. It's outdated and considered UNSAFE...

So..............Mr. Oberstar really needs to focus more on the FAA and its problems....

I say to Mr. Oberstar...Do something worthwhile, don't talk out your butt about the DELTA QUEEN, because people know you are misleading. Do something POSITIVE for a change..HELP SAVE THE DELTA QUEEN! What next? The Mark Twain steamboat at Disney? Its a shame to have someone like you who does not appear to give a crap about the history of the United States and its waterways.
Posted 06-03-2008 at 04:37 PM by Debbie Noland Nitsche Debbie Noland Nitsche is offline
Just in case these comments are read by "Mr." Oberstar, I'll repeat the two I submitted on his You Tube DQ page here:

1.- "Oh Jimmy! Turn around look at that woman behind you...she's sitting in a WOOD chair with fabric upholstery! OMG, what a fire hazard! You'd better call for the elimination of Congress before you all burn up!"

2.- "Hey Jimmy, why did you remove all the comments? Can't stand to hear the truth? What happened to freedom of speech? Is that also something you want to do away with?"
Posted 06-03-2008 at 05:44 PM by Jim Herron Jim Herron is offline
I too will repost my rememberances of my comments:

1. Mr Obertsar, have you even stepped aboard the Delta Queen? Do you understand that with all her installed fire suppression and detection equipment, trained personel, and continuous deck watchmen, she is safer than any wood framed house in America, including yours? Maybe we should outlaw houses as more people are hurt/killed in house fires in any given week than the WHOLE CAREER, all 80 plus years, of the Delta Queen. I'll start by suggesting that your house should be the first to be outlawed so that you will be safer. I should point out to you as I don't think you are aware, that the Delta Queen has not hurt one passenger, ever, due to fire, EVER.

2. Why are you quoting issues about the Sultana? I will remind you if you do not know what the Sultana was, why she is famous, despite you quoting about her pain, she is the dubious recipient of the worst United States maritime disaster, when 1700 lost their lives on a boat that was grossly overloaded, over 4 TIMES the legal limit, and the boilers, boilers that had just been repaired very poorly, exploded. I will enlighten you, a fire wasn't the cause, please make note of it for your next speech. One more thing, for daylight cruising, theoretically the Sultana would be "legal" today, did you know that? Google Sultana images, there is a picture that you might want to study.

3. What does a 747 have to do with it, with anything? Do you know anything about airplanes? I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you truely know that a 747-100 has different safety equipment than a 747-400F, you just forgot that right? Please adjust your speeches accordingly. And you know thousands have died on 747's, right? Should you call Boeing or should I that you want to outlaw 747's. And as an aside, my wife and I would be alloted a lot more time to get off the Delta Queen if on fire than a 747...but you're OK with a burning 747, and me the passenger only having 90 seconds to get off...

4. Your quoted statement, other than here on YouTube is the Delta Queen doesn't meet laws for boat construction written in the 30's...So what, your house doesn't meet construction codes written last year. Again, by your logic your house should be outlawed, correct? So what are you trying to say, I'm confused, help me here...

4.Why are the unions so important to you? Why do you provide the most elaborate spin on the facts just to satisfy your debts to them? And you do it at the expense of history, the last one, there ain't no more. I will say this, I'm taking notes on how to "Spin Doctor" something, from you, you obviuosly have some good "moves". You don't fool me James, this has NOTHING to do with safety. Love them unions, hugs and kisses for all!

5. And lastly, unlike most people that criticise you, my wife and I are both died in the wool, branded on the butt Donkey Democrats, and you sir are an embarrassment to the party. YOU VOTED FOR THIS EXEMPTION TWO YEARS AGO!! You are WAY too transparent for what you feel are nothing but a bunch of secret white lies, that you are trying to pass on undetected to people that are a hell of a lot smarter than you give them credit for.
Posted 06-03-2008 at 10:01 PM by Bruno Krause Bruno Krause is offline

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