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on board the Delta Queen

Posted 06-09-2015 at 10:02 PM by Capt Mike
A quiet rainy night here on our beloved Delta Queen. She rests in a dead end slip away from town surrounded by open grassy fields, sitting undisturbed by the surrounding world. I wander the old boat in the dark, pausing to listen, hearing the patter of rain on her decks, distant thunder rumbles outside...She is resting quietly tonight, and I get a sense that she is sleeping, perhaps dreaming of the rush of the river around her hull as she pushed upriver against the warm current on a moonlit night on some forgotten eve many years before... I have worked hard again today, troweling and patching another deck repair, tightening the capstan line, washing overheads and moving deck furniture. The pastel sunset flares in the West, and the faithful watchman Ramon makes his rounds. I sit at the piano in the dining room and pick out a melancholy tune, which suits the evenings mood. How sad it is for this beautiful old steamboat to be empty and quiet, she needs to be filled with laughter and trembling with energy as she steams along a rising river. Here I sit alone again on this old boat, once again I find myself caretaker and consort trying to coax her back to life, a task I savor and am infinitely fulfilled by, yet at times am lonely and wish for the company of our steamboat friends, all of us together, here on this river sanctuary of kindred spirits. That is what the Delta Queen always was, that gathering place where our hearts and minds were joined together in the spirit of adventure, and more and more I realize that she will never be complete until we all are together again and reunited here on the Steamer Delta Queen!
Keeping the faith here on your beloved steamboat!
Capt. Mike
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Wonderfully put Capt. Mike. Soon I hope she'll be full of people enjoying themselves again.
Posted 06-12-2015 at 10:47 PM by Mike Washenko Mike Washenko is offline
Thank you so much, Capt. Mike, for all you do. You are not only a master of the rivers but of words as well. It is my dearest wish to be there when she is once again underway, filled with old and new friends.
Posted 06-13-2015 at 01:28 PM by Ginnie Rhynders Ginnie Rhynders is offline
Mike, your words are true poetry, and I too wish that I could be there as the evening's rain taps on the deck. I'm sure those lonely moments you experience now will one day soon be replaced with mirth.
Posted 06-13-2015 at 06:25 PM by Frank X. Prudent Frank X. Prudent is offline
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