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What small car owners should know about car insurance

Posted 04-15-2015 at 06:31 AM by Amber Singleton
Americans are known around the world for their love of big cars. Many wouldn’t be caught dead behind the wheel of one of those little cars you’re more likely to see on the streets in Europe. But as gas prices continue to climb higher and more Americans become concerned with the environmental impact of larger, less fuel-efficient cars, small cars are starting to grow in popularity even here. What many haven’t considered is that smaller cars tend to have a lower safety rating. For example in a recent crash test done by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, only one out of the twelve small cars tested received an over-all “good” rating. Four of the twelve were rated “poor” for occupant protection. So while small cars may be better for your bank account and better for the environment, they may not be the best when it comes to safety. That’s not to say you shouldn’t own a small car. But if you do, there are some things you need to consider when it comes to insuring your small car.
Small cars have specific dangers

Smaller cars don’t fare well in an accident for two major reasons. The first is that they weigh less. When two cars collide, the car that weighs less receives the worst of the damage. It’s a simple matter of physics. The second reason is that smaller cars have a smaller front end. When the front end impacts another car or object, there is less space to absorb the impact of that collision.
Better insurance can mitigate small car risks

To be on the safe side, drivers of small cars should opt for better car insurance in these two areas: uninsured motorist coverage and medical payments. By upping your coverage in these two areas, you can mitigate some of the risks associated with driving a smaller car. Because injuries to passengers are more common in accidents involving smaller cars, it’s a good idea to have more coverage for those situations.
Not all small cars are created equal

Keep in mind that just because a car is smaller that doesn’t make it automatically unsafe. Some small cars are safer than others. If you’re set on buying a smaller car, do your homework first and look at which small cars performed better than others when it comes to safety ratings. For an affordable insurance quote, call (888) 290-4130.
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