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Well, here goes with an 'untechnical' explanation of drydocking, and I'll try to find some pix to illustrate it: The boat's hull configuration is taken prior to drydocking and blocks of wood are then strapped to the bottom of the drydock to match the shape of the hull. When the boat comes up out of the water, it is sitting on those piles of blocks - the boat doesn't touch the drydock's wingwalls for support or anything. The two times I've seen the NATCHEZ in drydock, and in passing the Bollinger docks on the West Bank with vessels in them, it sure looks perilous, but unless hurricane winds come through, it works. The blocks are piled several feet high so that workmen can get under the hull to inspect and work. Even if the blocks are placed perfectly, there is always some stress on the boat - after a drydocking, the NATCHEZ usually has some cracks in the flooring around her galley, which is just forward of the engine room - nothing major though. I'll look for the pix now.
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