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I disagree. If anything I find this forum very inviting to post anything you want as long as its not a "harmful" thing. And even angry posts are allowed, if it's your opinion and stated as such. Many a time I have vented on this board, very thankful for this avenue given me to blow off steam. And venting here also has taught me a lot, many times people have contacted me and said..."that's not true..." and in the process I learn.

There is nothing richer, more valuable to me and Deb than reading experiences of people that "were there". I see this board as a modern, alternative method of the wonderful stuff that can be found in the Reflector. And if the stories aren't told, how could that be a good thing?

now for the definition of a good poster? My definition is one that starts, or continues to add to, a thread that provides an information flow from the learned to the less learned, i.e me! I feel very privileged to be able to add a bit now and then.

Please, please post your stories, I'm here with baited breath...

Now in that light, in regards to the wonderful pictures in this it just me our does the timber holding the boats upright look really flimsy or is it something else also holding the boat in place that I'm not seeing here...One big wind, I don't know...were there ever accidents? I suspect the "keel" is on the ground, but still, awful skinny wood holding those beauties upright...
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