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Default Shot across the bow

I have been a member of this board for "awhile now". I also am not writing this towards any one person nor do I mean to be insulting but please hear me out.
I need a matter cleared up. What is a good or best poster. I know, I'm already off topic. Granted this is the History section. Does this mean that only posting with day, date, time, and event are good postings? There is a great need for "factual" information, regardless of how wrong it may be or who is providing the "facts". Having been involved in several Coast Guard hearings, I can tell you what is on record has little to do with the facts.
I enjoy reading history, however I have always said I'd rather make history than read about it. This is most likely why I have found myself in situations where, in hindsight, I wish I had not been.
There are a good number of well educated people on this board. My education comes from Curbstone University, MS in Hardknocks. I feel, and others have also expressed the same feeling, that unless you meet a certain unspoken level of qualification, my posting is only taking up valuable space which could be used for "better" postings.
By looking at the "views" it is plain to see that there are many more watchers than writers on this board. I spent 3 years riding the M. Q. and D. Q. and 13 more riding other type vessels. Does not my writing from "having been there" qualify me as being as factual as numbers in a book. This board seems very divided, which I find unfortunate, because limiting where your "Facts" come from, to me limits me as a person.
One of the great things about riding the boats was the varity of people I worked with. If you read the "passive voice" of many of the postings on these boards, there is a great desire for those of us "who did, or still do it" to please not take up valuble "fact" space with our stories and memories.
Fred Way liked to get arguments started about "facts". Lets get it on! I cannot tell you how many bucket boards are on the D. Q., but I can darn sure tell you how to replace them. I have done it. I feel that both bits of information have an equal standing. Just as any story about a deckhand can be as enlighting as stories about decades gone engineers. Don't need to worry about no pilot, he'll brag enough on hisself you'll begin to think it's fact.
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