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Steamboating colleagues:
Judy has us on a real 'roll' RE: 'Boatyards' and it's comes as a welcomed diversion on the history segment of the web. The Str. WASHINGTON photos fascinating giving us a "that's-how-they-did-it" view. Alan's and Bill's 'follows' are interesting. Bill's keen eye and mind nailed the figures in the picture. I've no doubts as to his identification. I bet Bee Rutter would love to see those photos and I'll see what I can do.

The old 'Cincinnati Marine Railways' here in town on Eastern Ave. adjacent to Fulton was one big business in it's day producing among many the famed Str. QUEEN CITY Etc.. The site today runs due east from the famed high-lift crane and 'Cincinnati Sheet Metal Co.' The prominent Carrel famly [See Str. HERCULES CARREL] were the prime movers and shakers beginning in 1847 on until the end of boat building at that location. Another Carrel became the Mayor of Cincinnati and a street was named for him near old Coal Haven Landing. The term 'railway' itself at the yards indicated the use of slide ways lifting up and returning boats to the water upon construction or repairs without the end slide method. Up until recent years the rail/slides were still in evident and may possibly still be visible. I'd like to know more about how the 'railway system' worked at such yards and if steam engines were the prime power. The HERCULES CARREL had a long life and was one perky little harbor boat known here.

Only one or two of the surviving old 'steamboat houses' still exist near the former site with a decided 'steamboat Gothic' look and a year or so ago I drove Kenny Howe and Jim Reising by for a look/see. The area is undergoing gentrification with new condos and town houses. In the 1920s the old brick offices were torn down and all of the company records, plans, photographs were destroyed. What a loss.

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R. Dale Flick
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